Tuesday, April 23, 2013

... that sends me down to the river though I know the river is dry.

The song I'm quoting (that's been stuck in my head now for two days) is The River by Bruce Springsteen.  When I was a tween (before the word "tween" had been invented) my brother idolized Bruce Springsteen and since I didn't have my own record player in grade school if I wanted to listen to music (while lying in his big forest green bean bag chair with giant 70's headphones on) I had to listen to his records.  The River didn't come out until I was in junior high so I actually ended up buying that album for myself because by then I had my own little turntable.  But in grade school my favorites of my brother's music were Bruce Springsteen, Manfred Mann and Jackson Browne.  By junior high it was Blue Oyster Cult, Cheap Trick and Van Halen but I had to buy those albums on my own because he wouldn't let me touch his.  They went along with my Foreigner, Journey and REO Speedwagon which he openly mocked.  The legacy continues as I live with a husband who openly mocks that I enjoy some of my daughter's music like Pitbull, Macklemore and Shakira.

I said I was going to take a couple days to be depressed and lie on the couch but I got bored of that pretty quickly by mid-morning yesterday (my first day) so I got up and ran errands and started recording all our spending in 2012 so I can make a detailed budget.  I have a preliminary budget right now that is estimating I just need to come up with $300 a month in order to keep Maiden and continue to take lessons.  I need to go through and make sure I didn't leave out any expenses and really fine tune it, but that seems fairly doable.

Next I decided that I need to redefine my goal for the future.  Right now my goal I've been stating is "I want to work with horses but I don't know what yet".   I think that in order to really make progress I need to define what I want to do with horses so that I can start planning out what steps I'll take to achieve those goals and start taking action to make that possible.  I can't really move forward on this if I have no idea what direction I want to go.  So, I need to find my focus - do I want to be a trainer? Riding instructor? Equine massage therapist? Equine vet tech? Wrangle horses for equine therapy?

I think my focus is going to be riding instructor but it may also be equine massage therapist.  I'm pretty sure I don't want to be a horse trainer although I am still interested in being a vet assistant for an equine vet.  But I think riding instructor (specifically for kids) is the one that win out.  But that gives me something to consider.  I am giving myself a deadline of Friday to make a decision and then start making plans on how I'm going to achieve this goal.  I think my biggest problem over the last year is that I haven't had a focused plan and I've just been flailing around just taking whatever comes up and telling myself I'll figure it out as we go.  And as an accountant I know full well that way of doing things does not work - at least not for me.  So, if I have taught my clients not to do that with their financial well-being maybe I should start applying that to my all-around well-being.

Update:  After talking with Trainer K. about the pros & cons of riding instructor life that seemed like an impractical route to go.  Equine massage therapist is equally high on my list so now it is between that and dog trainer.  I just called to find out what it would take to re-instate my human massage therapist license and I'd just have to take the exam again and do 24 hours of continuing education.  Add 300 hours of animal massage therapy education for an added certification and that would probably work pretty well for a new career.  I quit massage in 2000 because it hurt my hands too much and I thought it was chronic tendonitis.  But now that I know it's RA and as long as we keep that under control, going back to massage therapy part-time could be an actual option.   And I do have to say I really like the idea of being an equine massage therapist because I don't have to train people or train the horse yet I get to be hands-on and handle a lot of different horses.   Hmmm ... possibilities ...

Ok - now you know the song and that was kind of depressing so this is something random to cheer everyone up:

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