Monday, April 15, 2013

The good, the bad, the very sore feet

I woke up early this morning and had awful insomnia, worrying about taking my daughter to Disneyland for the first time, worrying I would ruin it for her with my dislike or crowds, theme parks, roller coasters and things that spin.  Not to mention concentrated petri dishes of virus and bacteria exepriences like a theme park filled with children from all over the world.  I finally gave up on myself at 4am and took a quarter of a diazepam feeling like a failure in the self-nurturing/not worrying world.

Something odd happened after breakfast though, I was getting ancy to go and was rushing my husband to hurry up so we could get out the door.  We got to the entrance and I was feeling all "a-twitter" and we got inside and I just lost it and turned into a little kid again.  I saw Goofy and asked my daughter if she wanted a picture with him and she sighed and said, "No, I'm good." Then I saw Pluto and actually bounced up and down and said, "I love Pluto! I have to get my photo with Pluto!"  Unfortunately, Pluto was going on a smoke break.   We got in line for the Magic Kingdom and waited for about ten minutes until it opened and I could feel all the excitement as they opened the entrance and people of all ages ran in screaming and hooting and hollering.  I did make the mistake of looking back and seeing the huge sea of people coming up "Main Street" from the entrance and my whole body had a flash of total panic and I thought "I can't handle this crowd!" but I figured it would thin out once we got inside.  And sure enough, the crowds did thin out and though it was crowded you could still get around which is what mattered for my peace of mind.

I actually enjoyed myself! I think I had a better deal than my husband because I didn't have to wait in line for a half hour for the Peter Pan ride because I'd just gotten off Mr Toad's Wild Ride and my back (where I broke it three months ago) was not happy with me.  Then when we had to stand in line for almost 90 minutes to get into Pixie Hollow so our daughter could meet the fairies (the only actors in costume she wanted to meet) I got hungry so I got to go wander around and look for lunch to go - and got sidetracked by some things like Frontier Land and a show in the Royal Theater.  I came back with a huge turkey sandwich on ciabbata bread and a mac & cheese lunch for our daughter's lunch.  When I was squeezing up to where my family was waiting there were many mutterings of "Wish she was bringing that to us"  I also brought my daughter a book to read in line and a crossword book for myself to pass the time which helped.  

Once in Pixie Hollow an extremely intense woman with a clipboard came up to my daughter and asked, "Who's your favorite fairy?" and when my daughter answered the woman said, "Would you be willing to say that on camera in front of the whole world?" and my daughter lit up and said, "Sure!" and the woman turned around and yelled while pointing down at my daughter's head, "This one! We've got to have this one!" and then said, "Everyone says Tinkerbell.  We don't need any more Tinkerbells! We've been looking for someone to say {the fairy my daughter likes}" Then she handed me a clipboard and said, "Whoever writes faster - how about you Mom, fill it out and sign it!" then scurried away.  A few minutes later she came back and said abruptly, "This is not the time to be shy! You must speak up.  Give me a practice! Who is your favorite fairy?" and my daughter stood up straight and answered her loudly and the woman said, "Pefect! Let's go, people!" and some much less intense younger crew people took my daughter over and had her sit on a plastic flower and asked her a few questions.  Then intense woman bellowed, "Excellent! Good poise! Good enunciation! That was excellent!" handed me a card with the url for the Disney blog and said, "Look for her in the next couple days!" and swooped off again.  I thought they were just kidding on tv shows when they portrayed characters like her.  Imagine - if she is that intense for a clip for the blog, imagine how intense the same type of person would be for an actual commercial or god forbid an actual tv show.  Yikes.  Our daughter is in the "I want to be a Disney actress" phase but I think I've talked her out of it by warning her she wouldn't get to have much childhood then because she'd be so busy working.  I told her she can take acting classes now if she wants but if she wants to be on television or movies she needs to wait until she's older so she can enjoy being a kid longer.  She seemed to buy that rationale. 

I was sad that the Mark Twain riverboat wasn't running because I loved that as a kid.  But we went over the Pirate's Island and I admit I ended up sitting on a bench because I was getting tired.  I yelled something up a cliff to my daughter and a woman sitting next to me said, "That's my daughter's middle name (the last part of my daughter's name)" then she said, "It was my grandmother's name" and I said it was a family name going back to my great-great-grandmother.  We just started talking and it was one of those crazy instant connections where you know you'll be friends.  We tried to add each other on Facebook but both being in our 40's couldn't figure out how to do it on our iPhones (urgh - mom dork moment) so hopefully we'll find each other again in the land of social networking and keep in touch.

By the time we got back to the hotel all of us were exhausted and had incredibly sore feet.  There is talk of going back this evening but I'm not so sure about that.  We'll have to see after dinner what  we think about that.  I'm amazed I actually had a good time.  Enough I want to go back tomorrow.  But we already agreed I wouldn't go two days in a row because adult tickets are so expensive and I really do need to put some serious time into working on my novel.  I have this probably really silly notion that if I can get a fairly decent rough draft done by July I can take it to the Buck Brannaman clinic in Cle Elum and give him a copy to read because I would like to quote him at the beginning of the book.  I know it's probably a pipe dream that he'd have time to read it but I figure since I want to quote him (it's just a very short quote and my research shows I don't need permission for a partial sentence quote -  "I help horses with people problems ...")  I thought it'd be nice if he were aware of what it was he was being quoted in.

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