Saturday, May 4, 2013

Much going on

There has been much going on this lack week.  I had my own case of "colic" on Monday when I came home from the barn and was hit by horrible stomach pains that doubled me over then resulted in intestinal distress for the next day.  That set me back as far as getting things I'd planned to get done.  I'm trying to take a nice, relaxing anniversary weekend with my husband (11 years married and 18 years together!) but I keep getting distracted by things I "need to do".  Yesterday was very hard to let go of that so he dragged me out on a nature walk where we ended up sitting next to the river and watched an otter swim by and a raccoon making his way along the bank.  We could've sat there for a long time.  We ended up walking all over town until our feet hurt and finally found a good restaurant with outdoor seating.  Very nice because it's 80 degrees here.  Much warmer than back home has been.

As is becoming a tradition we went on a trail ride up in the foothills (on our honeymoon we went on a trail ride in the woods and the sand dunes on the coast) The guide was an old retired rodeo guy who used to ride saddle broncs.  He said that when he was in his 20's (decades ago) and he'd go to a new town to ride rodeos and didn't know anyone he'd go straight to the local E.R. and introduce himself to the nurses so someone there would know him when he showed up there a few days later.  And ya'll thought I was crazy!  He seemed like he had long since reformed his cowboy broncin' ways because he was very concerned about the well being of his trail horses and was telling me all the things they had to do to keep the horses safe from beginners hurting them on accident with the reins and their unbalanced seats.  They have to use really light, loose bits  so their faces don't get yanked on - in fact when I said I rode Maiden with a very loose rein right now because she's freaked about contact the first thing he said was "Well what kinda bit you got? Maybe it's too harsh."  So I assured him we had a nice, light split snaffle because I don't like harsh bits on anyone. He also told us they have a strict weight limit, they don't care how big a horse is they aren't putting anyone over 240 pounds on them ever and that you have to be over 5'6" if you're over 200 pounds because otherwise the weight distribution isn't fair to the horse and let's face it "the person's butt's not going to fit right in the saddle".  He had some pretty funny stories about how once a couple came in and the guy had said on the phone his wife was 130 pounds but she obviously wasn't so they made her get on a scaled and she was 230 pounds! How could your own husband be off about your weight by 100 pounds???

The scenery was beautiful and of course I found myself wanting to live there.  After the ride my old gradeschool friend who lives in a neighboring small town called and I told him about the ride up into the foothills and he said, "And now you want to live here, right?" Yep.  yep. yep.

Last week was a full week.  I'm going through and getting classes set up that I need to take to renew my massage license in this state.  I've been reading up on equine massage schools and have decided on one.  I had to get child and dog care all set up for my husband and I to go out of town and I went to an interview to work part-time at a kid's pony camp this summer to bring in some extra cash.  The interview with the camp director was refreshingly nice compared to Crazy-Ass-Bitch-Dressage-Trainer (CABDT).  The camp director is a friend of a friend so I had good references on her but even talking to her I could tell she was honest and sane and seemed to know horses and her business extremely well,  I knew that she knew it so she didn't need to brag or put on airs.  She also asked educated questions "What kind of horse do you have?" "What kind of riding?" "What experience do you have in these different disciplines?"  "This is how important safety is to us - please tell me your thoughts on safety," etc.  So that I was actually able to tell her my experience and what I know  -unlike CABDT who didn't want me to say anything and didn't listen when I tried to.  Camp Director also asked me to come for a working interview next week which made things very clear - I'll come work without pay for a day to see if I like the work and she likes having me work for her.  I liked all the clear expectations and boundaries and the ability of Camp Director to listen.  I have a very good feeling about this that even if it is not a good fit hopefully Camp Director and I will end up being friends anyway.  It also helps that my daughter went to camp there years ago her summer before Kindergarten so I know I like the camp.

One of the tough parts of the week was when one of the horses at our barn, Firefly got seriously hurt.  I think the hardest part for me personally was that his poor owner was extremely upset and there was nothing I could do to make it better for her.  It was not one of those injuries you could downplay and tell the owner they were over-reacting, it was a really horrid injury - worse than I'd ever seen.  And the worst part now is nobody knows how it happened.  Poor Firefly came in from the same pasture he goes out in everyday and his heel bulb was literally hanging off and something had even cut through part of the hoof wall.  There was blood everywhere and once the vet had cleaned out the wound you could see something white/silvery - I'm assuming the fascia of the tendons.  Luckily the owner was up at the horses head during that time because had I seen that on my own horse I probably would've freaked.  As it was I was quietly freaking inside and found excuses to hang around because I knew if I didn't see that wound all sewn up the initial visual of it bloody and hanging open was going to upset me too much.  But if I had the visual of it all put back together to replace the initial visual that would make me feel better.  And it did.  The vet did a beautiful job of sewing everything back together (although I've never seen anything get that many stitches or use that much bright pink thread - the horse's legs were dark so they use pink so it shows u better).

Off to find a souvenier for our daughter who is with the grandparents this weekend (don't even get me started on how I think I'm far too sentimental for my own good because I've spent far too much of this weekend wishing she was with us) and then off to go play miniature golf.

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