Sunday, May 19, 2013

Slugs in the system

Today after going out to work with Maiden, it was gardening day.  I managed to convince my husband that instead of weeding community areas on the neighborhood he would be more appreciated if he helped me weed the secret garden walkways.  While we were back there he started brainstorming on moving the compost bin and putting the rain barrel in the community garden, then we could move the bench to the corner where it would be a lot more practical and one could have a view of the community garden plus the trellis into the garden and the trees in the environmentally protected area beyond that.  Great idea except for moving the rain barrel.  

First we took buckets of water and put them in the other rain barrel in our front yard but that filled up quickly.  We didn't want to empty it in the secret garden because there was way too much water for just the raised beds and the rest would flow out on the walkway and end up going to the foundation of the house.  The secret garden is a long, thin space along the west side of our house that when we moved in was bare except for beauty bark on the ground because being about the size of an urban alley, the previous owners thought it was useless space.  It gets great sun though (magically since it's between two houses and a very tall fence) so we put in raised beds, some cobblestones and ground cover and some flowering vines and grape vines (that you can see outside the windows).  Anyway, my husband decided to drag the rain barrel full of water out of the secret garden and part way through the dragging the poorly attached hose a the bottom came off and water started spouting in the secret garden and making puddles that were running down toward the foundation.  I started to reach for the hose to put it back on when "splurf!" a slug that came out with the flowing water got stuck in the hole and plugged it up! Ha! That solved our problems.

I am officially signed up for school at the local equine massage school (squeee!) and I have a class in equine aromatherapy at the end of the month.  I'm pretty excited about that and I'm hoping it's more science based then woo-based.  And I'm hoping they aren't just transferring what smells affect humans to horses without any research behind it to show it's not just anthropomorphism.  Well, olfactory anthropomorphism.

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