Thursday, June 6, 2013

I think I'm finally getting it!

The next month or so is going to be challenging as far as finding time to ride my horse.  Pony camps start in a couple weeks and I'll be there with my daughter all morning for two weeks straight.  I can probably go ride afterward if I can find a playdate for my daughter but we'll see how that goes.  I'm hoping that working at pony camp is a positive experience for her.  She's 9 years old so old enough to take on some responsibilities and she's excited about earning a dollar an hour (under the table from me - the camp is not paying her because they have a hoard of tween girls who volunteer in exchange for earning hours to ride the ponies).  We'll see.  Her fear of horses seems to be waning the farther we get away from my "little mishap" in January and the closer we get to working with ponies.

I've been really into nicknames for things lately.  I think "little mishap" is probably the best description of me falling off a horse and breaking my sacrum and L4 transverse process.  There's a group of moms at my daughter's school who have a seriously weird little cliche thing going on that I was tired of referring to them by a slew of names to I decided they are henceforth to be know as the "drunk bitch moms" or DBM's.  Only because that sounds mean and I certainly don't want to be mean, you can only say it if you cross yourself.   It really perfectly describes them because they float around with this "you can't be a part of" unfriendliness and superiority but from what I know of them I'm not sure how they justify being superior - at least to me.  They're not prettier or richer and granted they spend way too much time and money on clothes and their appearance but that is really the only difference.   And I know people who spend a lot more time and look a lot better than they do who are much nicer and more open to other people.  And they're definitely far from smarter than me.  So, it really comes down to they drink (a lot!) and I don't drink, they appear to have no other hobbies than shopping and drinking and they think they're better than everyone else.  I think all neighborhoods have DBM's.  I find them fascinating to be honest because I'm not sure what they base their superiority on - if it's really on the clothes they wear that is really sad because I (and other moms they've shunned) could just as easily go buy the same clothes but why would we? What a waste of money and they'd just get ruined at the barn anyway.

There's also a new family in our neighborhood that is basically the perfect nuclear bully family.  Everyone in the family is a bully in the most unbelievably stereotypical way.  They're so text book it's almost like they're not real.  Like the CIA said "This is your cover - you're the family of bullies" and they took bullying behavior right out of the cheesiest books and movies they could find.  We need to come up with a good nickname for them that's more creative than just "the bully family".  Especially because the word "bully" is often used to refer to pitbulls so when I say that word I envision cute little pitbulls and this family is not even worthy of loose cute associations.

The strawberries have gone crazy in the community garden.  I put down organic slug bait around the raised bed with my cucumber seeds and yet it looks like the slugs have eaten my cucumber starts.  So far the horticulture oil mix I've been spraying on my pumpkin starts has kept away and powdery mildew and fungus.  But they're still very small.  I've been checking on them every other day.  I've been spraying my rose bushes too and so far so good.

Maiden is doing well as usual.  She was a total fruitcake the other day when I went to get her from the pasture.  Gandolf is a bad influence on her and despite my constant reminder to her that she needs to "be her own horse" she is still a herd animal and freaks out if another horse freaks out.  Toadie actually got to the point where she would listen to me over the other horses, but for one, Toad was way younger than Maiden and two I was the first person (besides Trainer K) she'd ever had a chance to actually bond with.  Maiden on the other hand has had three owners just since she was rescued when she was eight years old and who knows what went on her first eight years.  But we're working on it and slowly making good progress.

So, I brought Maiden out of the paddock and turned to re-lock the metal gate because I don't trust that Gandolf won't freak out and run right through the hot tape (which currently isn't hot so it's essentially useless) so I can't leave the main gate open.  Anyway, Maiden had to turn so she was facing the gate while I did that (because the lead rope is only so long) and Gandolf decided to freak out and go yahooing around his paddock.  So Maiden went straight up in the air and tried to bolt but ... gate was right in front of her, she couldn't go right because of the lead rope and she couldn't go left because I was there and she couldn't go backward because there was a big mountain of compost so ... she ran in place for a minute just like a Warner Brothers cartoon character.  I held on tightly to the lead rope and told her to "Quit!" which sent her even more over the edge but that coupled with letting the tension out of the lead rope and quietly saying, 'Stop. Calm down." and she got her senses back rather quickly.  I've never seen a horse run in place before.

She was fine the rest of that day and she was an angel today.  Except when the vet who was there to look at Firefly's injury stopped to take a look at her teeth.  Maiden pursed her lips shut and gave her the stink eye at first but finally relaxed and decided the vet was not going to steal her teeth by taking a quick look.  Firefly's injury, by the way, looks wonderful.  The vet was really nice about explaining to me how it's healing, where it's draining and what Firefly can and can't do as the scar tissue strengthened.  She also explained how it is hard to tell how strong the coronet band will be after healing because scar tissue is not as strong as healthy tissue so there will have to be precautions so it doesn't open up again (this is the injury where the back of the foot near the coronet band was severed off a couple months or so ago).  I really appreciated that because it's not even my horse but it is very helpful for my education for massage therapy especially when it comes to healing from injuries.  The vet recommended that once it's completely done draining and is stronger that he have massage to help break up excess scar tissue and to help circulation in the muscles as they become stronger.  I may see if I can practice on him because once he gets to that point in his healing, it will be when I'm about ready to start needing horses to practice on.

Trainer K. was heading out so I didn't get to talk to her while riding but I felt like I might actually be getting it - this posture thing - and I had to control myself from having a little kid moment and yelling out the door "Come see if I'm doing this right! I think I'm finally getting it!"  So, that gives me hope.  I've been really struggling with getting a good seat and undoing a lot of my bad habits in riding and posting (which is as much of an art as ballet I swear!)  so it's exciting that I'm finally starting to get it a little bit right (I think!).  Regardless of whether or not I was really getting my posture right, we had one of those rides that felt very synchronized and like we were dancing together.

Apparently, tomorrow the guy I worked for at my last bookkeeping job is going to do work on my next door neighbor's house and I'm hoping I don't run into him.  He's the one who fired me because some girl kept emailing him asking he'd found a reason to fire me yet so she could have my job.  I'm not sure if I should be thankful to him because although I'm very short on income right now and we're living slightly beyond our means I'm at least headed in the right direction of what I want to do. Or if I should continue to have a bad taste in my mouth about it because it was a sleezy thing to do?  I think I will be grateful that it happened because I am on the right path now, but I don't think I'll be running over to say "hi" or anything.

Still, despite slimeball things that can happen in life, I am very happy with the path I'm on.  I could totally immerse myself in studying equine anatomy/physiology, kineseology and pathology but I only have so much time I can do that.  At least for the time set aside for it I can totally immerse myself in it which is really fun and energizing and exciting.

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