Tuesday, June 18, 2013

That whole Buddhist issue ...

I've always been more sensitive than I'm comfortable with in regards to violence and people/animals getting hurt.   As a teenager I thought there was something wrong with me because so many kids enjoy super violent video games and watching movies like Faces of Death and it was all too upsetting for me.  In fact, it's so big of a deal to myself that when a friend took me target shooting a couple years ago and all they had were human sillouette targets I didn't even feel right shooting at imaginary people and had to pretend they were zombies.  Sigh.  That's not to say I haven't had my violent moments in self-defense but generally when not in "protection!" mode I'm too sensitive in my opinion.

My freaky St. Francis, Buddhist, hippie-dippie self reared its ugly head again today when I decided that the wasp traps (that I've been obsessively checking like a lobster fisherman in Maine) weren't working and I had to be more aggressive to get rid of the two wasp nests being built in the eves above our front porch.  I thought I'd try to knock it down with a strong, jet stream of water since it was too dangerous to just knock it down with a big stick.  So, I turned the hose on them and next thing I knew there were wasps scrambling around in the roaring water and it was like a wasp tsunami.  And I felt *awful* for them and almost stopped what I was doing.  Then I remembered how upset some of my friends and their kids get about the wasps hanging out around our porch and how there are a lot of people around who are allergic to bees.  So, I continued my assault until both nests fell down into a pile of drowned wasps.  Sigh.  I put on some gloves and picked up the nests to put in the garbage and saw a bunch of wasp larvaes and burst out with, "Oh! You had babies!"  =sniff sniff=  I'm a horrible mass baby wasp murderer.  I'll probably have nightmares again like I did last summer when I had to kill the trout that my daughter and her friend caught because the dads had so many excuses not to do it themselves.

I also put down the weed barrier along the main street above our neighborhood so that another of the house owners can bring in some bark to put down over it and hopefully we'll get that strip looking acceptable for the first time since we've lived here. I'm trying not to be pissy because only four other families have put any time into helping us maintain and only one other family who's put in more than an hour or so.   At least a couple other households have donated money/plants.  But that still leaves a majority who seem to think it is not their responsibility or problem.  I am bitterly waiting to find out if the weed barrier stays down or if neighborhood kids are going to rip it up before the bark gets put down.  You would think it would be left alone because it's on public property and obviously not to be messed with, but there are some kids around here (everywhere - no more so here than anywhere else) who dumbass parents are too lazy or stupid to teach them proper boundaries.  I'm already prepared to give up on the project all together if that happens and just quit the whole HOA thing out of total frustration. 

And ... a bird just flew in our dining room through the sliding doors and thankfully figured it out and flew back out.  Ours is not a good house for being a bird and getting stuck - what with two dogs and three cats.  My daughter really wants to have a guinea pig and even wrote a letter as one of her writing assignments telling us why she should have one, and I agree that she is probably old enough and responsible enough for one, but I  fear the poor little guy wouldn't live through our house full of pets.


  1. Don't worry too much about killing wasps for they are the terrorist zombies of the insect world. Sure they have little babies but those little ones do not have the potential to grow and become sensitive artists or anything like that. Those baby wasps become killers just like their parents. You probably saved EJ from getting a nasty sting and also saved some pollen contributing honey bees from becoming wasp food so...good on you!

    1. Well, if they're at all like zombies than we all know I'm ok killing them :) I just found out yesterday from my friends that do bee-keeping that honeybees are not a native species to our country.