Sunday, July 14, 2013

House full of pets ...

It's good to be home to our house full of pets.  It was also good to get out and see Maiden after a weekend of not seeing her but being around so many other horses.  My leasee had an evening lesson but I had to go out and meet with her anyway because we need to officially sign a lease contract.  So, I did get to ride for a few minutes.  Not to mention get lots of snuggles and pets in.

I did quickly learn why you don't ride horses wearing dark green cotton cargo pants from Old Navy.  Let's just say chafing ... sigh.  I was fine until doing the posting trot.  Maiden was being very nice, a little too nice in fact because when a girl taking a lesson on Misty was having trouble steering (or just didn't realize Maiden can't stand Misty) and Misty came up really close to Maiden (so I moved her to the side quickly) Maiden didn't even pin her ears.  Then she did her little "I'm in heat" peeing and we realized that she thought Misty was looking pretty hot there as the little butch dyke Quarterhorse that she is.  Sigh.

I tried what I had gleened was the exercise they were doing in the clinic yesterday afternoon.  I wasn't paying enough attention to the instructions as I should have but it seemed like they were having the horse bend, then turn.  The riders who stood out to me where the ones that would pull the horses head off to the side and yank, while kicking really hard.  That made me sad and didn't seem at all like what Buck was instructing.  I did notice he said a lot of "soft" "patient" "wait" type instructions.  Anyway, I tried it with Maiden and I was extremely impressed with her!  I give credit to the training that Trainer K. has done with her.  And she's a smart, sweet horse!

Anyway, at first she couldn't figure out why I was pulling on one rein, but I was very gentle and light with her and within a few minutes she bent and stretched her neck around to the side then with just the slightest nudge of my ankle she gracefully turned.  I was so proud of her!  We did the other side and this time she did it even more smoothly because she had figured out what I was asking her.  My leasee came into the arena and said, "Hey - that's stuff we did in Western classes." And I said that it was basically a Western clinic so that made sense.  I have to admit that I found myself thinking "Wow, with a horse like Maiden I could've fooled everyone into thinking I knew what I was doing had I been at the clinic with her this year!".  She really is one of those horses that makes the rider look good (when you're communicating with her well which I don't understand why that is so hard for some people because she's such a sweetheart).

I looked up copyright laws and was disappointed to see that it is very high risk to use any form of song lyric without permission because songs are so short.  So, I either have to contact Alexi Murdoch and ask him if I can use a couple lines from one of his songs for dialogue and for a quote at the beginning of my book, or change the dialogue.  I'd rather the former because it's such a 15-year old thing to do to be quoting songs to express her feelings but I'm wondering what the chances are I'll be able to track him or his management down to ask.  I am also dubious about using a Buck Brannaman quote because the copyright fair use laws are so vague.  And I don't want to piss anyone off and have to deal with that drama and fall-out.  Of course that's assuming I ever try to get these books published.

My mom brought up again the other day how I should rewrite my first novel (which I was just going to link here but then I realized this would no longer be anonymous blog if I did that - damn!).  Anyway, my mom suggested again I rewrite that novel (about demons and succubus killing grunge-era rock stars) to be young adult appropriate and cashing in the Twighlight crowd.  But I told her that would be too hard because if you took out all the sex scenes and profanity the whole novel would only be two pages long.  Ok, that's an exaggeration, but it is true that as the my old co-worker the pastor's wife once said "If you took out all the F-words it would be significantly shorter".

Oh what to do with all these novels sitting on my hard drive.  I have four now.  If I could just find someone who would step in be my "public persona" for me and do all the readings and all the touring and dealing with the public that would nice.  I long for the JD Salinger days when you could just write a book, have it published and be a big deal and not have to go on the Today Show or market anything or do anything like that.  I would love for people to read an enjoy my novels but I don't want it to get in the way of hanging out with my horse and having my own space and privacy and my daughter having anonymity in the world.

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