Saturday, August 10, 2013

Haunted houses

Just for fun our family is going to go to an open house for a century+ year old farmhouse in the neighboring town that is for sale.  My husband has vowed never to move again after moving out here 2.5 years ago (which was a stress case in a half - not helped by the fact that the whole family came down with the stomach flu two days before we had to move out of our old house and turn it over to the new owners).  

My husband wandered into the neighboring town a few months ago to pick up something for me that I'd bought on Craigslist and has been enamored with it ever since.  He even found a fishing hole there he likes.  Which is weird because I had no idea he liked to fish even though we've been together for almost two decades.  We didn't even consider moving out there from the city though because it is really far away and doesn't have the swanky Sound Transit line that our current town has into downtown Seattle.  I have to admit, I fantasize about moving there too though because it is so cute and so rural and so much more a small farming town than a suburban town.  I know some people who live there who commute to Seattle for work but I think they're nuts.  That's a crazy long way.  Of course not as crazy as hearing of couple people who commute to Seattle from Cle Elum.  I'm sorry - I draw the line at commuting over *the mountains* to get to work.  How do you even go to work during December and January?

I was stalking the haunted farmhouse (ok - there's no reason to believe it's haunted but just looking at the photos it looks like how could it not be?) yesterday and checking out the neighbors (of which there apparently aren't any) and I said to my husband, "There are literally no neighbors.  None.  for like at least a mile or more.  That's creepy," and my husband said, "Are you kidding? That's so cool!"  This from the guy who once told me there was no way he could ever live outside the city.  Happily surprising.  I was thinking a lot about it last night though and I would put my foot down about having a shotgun if we lived somewhere with no neighbors at all.  I've read too many horror stories.  "In Cold Blood" being one. 

I'm happily surprised that my metro-husband is realizing how nice rural living is.  I think it's helped him a lot living out in the rural suburbs to see that there are a lot of really nice people out here - even the folks who have totally different politics and religions.  Well, we have a couple problem neighbors.  One neighbor is a HUGE problem because they are bat-shit crazy and because they're Southern Baptist they think they float above us in righteousness even their kids are scary-messed-up bullies and the teen is a druggie.  Then there's a neighbor who let her house go into foreclosure owing practically half a million in debt on it and now the house is falling apart and my neighbor and I had to go into the house and lock it and climb out a window to get out because high school kids had broken the locks off the door so they go party inside so once we had the doors secured shut (without locks) we couldn't get out unless we climbed out a window.  Then there's the neighbor who is stoned on "mama's little helper" all day long and sits up in her son's room and peaks out the window through the blinds all day to spy on the neighborhood because she's convinced that I personally am out to get out her.  She's a paranoid nutcase - only not the mentally ill kind - the drug-induced kind.   Then there's the family who we have meetings every year of so to discuss whether or not we should call CPS on them for neglect because it's so frustrating to watch their poor kids being treated like that.  The rest of our neighbors are really nice families though - ranging from pleasant neighbors to good friends.  Unfortunately, two of those families are moving and it's a crapshoot who will move in.  So, I can see my husband's point of view that no neighbors would be nice.  At the same time it would be creepy at night when he's out of town to be all alone with no neighbors.  Just me, Lil Girl and the dogs.  Well, the pitbull is probably better to have around than a neighbor.

Anyway, we're not moving to the haunted house, but thinking about has given me some perspective about what I really want.  I think I want to live out in the middle of nowhere but do I really?  I think if I did I might need a shotgun, another pitbull and a home security system because I'm just too paranoid not to have all that. 

Meanwhile, in non-fantasy news, Maiden's feet were still sore yesterday.  She's probably 80% better but I don't want to work her at all until she's 100% comfortable.  She's got enough going on with those feet without any additional pressure.  It might be wishful thinking but after four days of anti-fungal treatment I think there might be some hardening up in her feet though.  Not much, but a tiny amount.  I figure the farrier knows what he's talking about but it's also nice to see a little bit of result myself.

So I took my riding lesson on Misty yesterday.  She's so different from Maiden, for one thing she's at least a hand shorter so I felt like I was riding a little pony.  She was being very un-Misty like though.  When I used to ride her in lessons over a year ago I really struggled to keep her going slow.  Yesterday she'd speed up and I'd slow her down with my seat and she'd just stop trotting.  This happened over and over again that she'd stop trotting once I got her to slow down.  That was a whole new issue for us and I didn't feel like a very good rider through my whole lesson.  I felt like a total cluster-fuck to be honest.  And she got mad a couple times and threatened to rear which was surprising to me and I wasn't quite sure what to do with that because she'd never done that with me before.  I really felt like a trainwreck.  I thought because I used to ride her it'd be easy, but she was so different than Maiden and I felt like I had a big adjustment to make.  It was really hot so I didn't wear gloves and Misty tried so many times to pull the reins out of my hands that I had a blister on my ring finger on my left hand by the end of the lesson.  I'm definitely going to wear my riding gloves from now on if I ever ride her again.  I will say we did fine when we were just warming up and walking and stretching.  She stretched very nicely and steered easily.

I'll be glad when Maiden is 100% and I can ride her again.  Probably by tomorrow.

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