Monday, August 19, 2013

My first bad fishing trip and other tales ...

I'm grumpy this morning because I did not sleep well because of a couple spider bites on my arm that itched so badly it kept waking me up.  I seriously had dreams about gnawing off my arm.  I did get four hours of sleep until the Benadryl wore off.   I've tried all sorts of remedies from hydrocortisone to baking soda toothpaste and the most extreme, I found some stuff in the back of the first aid drawer for burning off warts and I even tried that.  It helped a little actually, but not all the way.

Yesterday was my first truly clusterfuck fishing trip that I can remember.  We went with the woman who is leasing Maiden and her boyfriend so that part was fun.  But the Gods were not with me and I only cast out a few times and every time I lost my lure on a snag and had to break my line to get it back and my line got horribly tangled a couple times after that.  Finally, I was cutting out an exceptionally bad tangle and I was feeling impatient and swiped my pocket knife too close to my hand and caught my middle finger.  The knife is so sharp I didn't feel it first, then blood started bubbling up and running down my finger and then it hurt.  My first thought was "Aaargh! We have nothing clean to stop the bleeding!" (I have this dark (not so) secret issue of being a germaphobe) then I saw a little packet of Kleenex in the tackle box and muttered, "Oh! Kleenex!" and grabbed a wad out to press on my finger.  I was in "get to car to get first aid kit to clean this," mode and asked my husband for his keys and he was very cranky and told me he had enough to deal with and to get my own out of my purse - which I shouldn't leave down there if I left to go to the car anyway.  I didn't know where my purse ended up because he'd moved it so after I finally found it and was tromping up toward the car I was pissed off and muttering, "Gee ... I'm fine! Thanks for asking! And I've got my purse so that's good! Better to leave a chunk of my finger by the river than my purse! God forbid!"

It wasn't a bad enough cut to need stitches but it was nice and deep and unless I kept the flap held down it kept bleeding in that lovely bubbling sort of way that finger tips do and makes a mess.  So,  I wrapped it up really tightly and went down to the river to say I was done for the day and sulk.  It turned out on the ride home that my husband had no idea I'd cut myself and thought I'd just pricked myself with a hook and couldn't figure out why I was so pissed at him.  When I got home and did a real cleaning I showed the cut to my husband and he was sufficiently contrite.

For two weekends I'm doing afternoon chores at pony camp to one, pick up a little more cash since my shifts at pony camp are over for the summer and two to get to know the horses better before I start teaching next month.  Saturday was painfully sunny so yesterday I remembered to bring my sun hat, but it was also too hot to wear it in the shade so I would hang it from one of the fence posts when I was working in the shade and that was all sorts of interesting for the ponies.  The full size horses weren't at all interested in it, but the ponies circled it and sniffed at it and Jack (the smallest next to Bubba who is literally as tall as my pitbull) actually tried to stretch up far enough to taste it.  I ended up having to chase them away from it.  Especially when I was not thinking and tossed an extra hay back over the same fence post and all the sudden Chunky Monkey was convinced that the empty hay bag and my hat were the best treasures in the world that he must pull down.

I really enjoy getting to watch their herd dynamics and see if I can figure out the pecking order among them.  I also have a thing for one of the newer ponies, Tony Pony who is absolutely gorgeous and also a very sensitive temperament.  So, I ended up spending a little extra time with him developing our friendship and encouraging him to walk up to me as opposed to me walking up to him.  And he is rewarded with lots of pets and wither-scratches.  Some of the ponies are so solid you can just walk right up to them boldly and put their halter on, but if I do that with him he looks frightened so when I have time I just encourage him to walk up to me, which for such a sensitive guy seems to be more comfortable.  And he's caught on quite quickly.  And even follows me around a little bit now - unless I'm trying to catch him in which case he thinks it's fun to run away and look back to see if I'll chase him.

I'm really taken with another of the horses - a full size one - named Charlie who is so sweet.  He hangs out with the big boys out in a big pasture in back when he's not working and when I go out to the pasture to check on them he follows me around and I swear there's a word bubble above his head that says "Look at me! I'm the good kid! Yep! I'm the good one!"  I can't believe camp is already over (for me at least).  They have two more camps to finish up summer but I'm not working at those.  My daughter had her riding lesson today though and it was nice to be one of the moms sitting in the observation loft and not having to do anything.   Although when they were doing their two-point seats my daughter's teacher was helping another student and my daughter rode by and it flew out of my mouth "Shoulders back and chin up - it will make it easier and balance you better" and my daughter shot me the nastiest look! Bad mom.  Not. Going.To.Be.A.Dance.Mom.  Sigh.

Here's a photo I took of Charlie when he was following me around the pasture when I was doing chores on Saturday.

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