Thursday, August 15, 2013

No haunted house for us

We went to view the haunted - though now called magic farmhouse  last Sunday and unfortunately after walking through it our real estate agent got a call saying that someone else had signed an offer subject to inspection.  The inspection was on Tuesday but they're still looking into stuff.  Apparently, there is no well so they must be looking at what it takes to drill a new one or something like that.  I have a feeling they are going to go through with it.  So, of course we came up with all the reasons it wasn't right for us.  Too big, floors need to be redone upstairs because they are still wood painted in paint from the 1940's, my husband doesn't like the 100 year old doorknobs, the upstairs rooms are small, there is no well, there is a lot of work to be done on the property which hasn't been maintained for years it looks like, all the exterior doors need to be replaced.  Of course, if the current buyers change their minds I bet all of those things would be fixable.

This week has been busy with working at the last week of camp and too many dr appointments for me.

I didn't get to ride Maiden all last week because her feet were sore from her trim and then I didn't get to ride her this week because I've been so buys until today.  We had a short ride but it went well.  I was concerned because she hasn't worked much the last couple weeks and when I was lunging her she was very stiff, with her head thrown back and her back hollow and I was struggling to get through to her to relax her back and stretch and lengthen her steps.  But when I got on to ride her she remembered how to do that and we had a very nice but short ride.  I think a lot of it I am starting to understand how to give her the aids while riding but am not quite as knowledgeable in how to encourage it while lunging.  I still have a lot to learn.

Well, I know most of my friends with kids who were big fans of the animated Avatar: the Last Airbender (which I watched with my daughter a couple years ago when she was in kindergarten and first grade) and really hated the movie.    I wasn't really hardcore into the anime series but I watched enough of it that I could tell that a lot of stuff was left out of the live-action movie, but sorry folks, I really enjoyed the live action movie as a stand-alone movie.  I think as a movie it was very beautiful and inspiring and took many important points from the anime series. I recommend it to anyone who is not a crazed, obsessed fan of the animated series (because it IS different and therefor will piss off purists).  Although I also recommend the anime series too if you have time to watch the whole thing.  Just watch it after you watch the movie.

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