Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Little Friends

With the weather suddenly changing practically overnight to fall weather, the population at the bird feeders seems to have changed.  I haven't seen some of the usual suspects for a couple weeks and the primary visitors are the black-capped chickadees.  Of course they may have bullied out the others too, I'm not sure which it is.  They come in a little flock and sit all around the feeders while a couple of them eat and look like a little Hells Angels group with wings come to take over the town.  Although this morning I did see a red-breasted nuthatch.  And the hummingbirds are still hanging around.

I appear to be fighting off a cold and I'm in the throngs of a big RA flare-up.  I woke up this morning and was distracted by how much pain I was in in so many places.  I tried resting in bed but my rest kept getting interrupted by "my thumbs hurts, no wait my elbows hurt worse, no my wrists hurt worse, no my head hurts worse, no my knees hurt worse, no my back feels like it's broken ..." until I finally just thought, "Oh WTF I'm just going to get up because it's not going to feel any better lying here."  And my sinuses hurt which actually does feel worse when I'm up and moving around.  I took the maximum dose of naproxen I could, used some flonase and now I'm counting down until tomorrow when my Humira arrives (which I forgot to order the refill last week and I can't just get it form my local pharmacy because my insurance will only pay for it from their specialty mail-order pharmacy ... but I really shouldn't complain because at least my insurance will pay for my medication).

I need to get off my ass and go take care of the horses soon because it is only a half-day at school.  But the fatigue I get from RA flare-ups is really bone-crushing.  It feels a lot like the flu only thankfully without the chills and fever.

Speaking of little friends I am continuing to enjoy my time with my little buddy Rex-the-mini.  He's doing better taking the bit now that we've changed him over to a little cobb sized plastic bit.  It's too big for him, but it's plastic so it doesn't freak him out as much as the metal one.  We won't be using it on him for anything except helping him relax about putting it in his mouth and taking it out, but it is helping him with that.

He's such a sensitive little guy.   Yesterday I was cleaning his back feet and he started to pull his foot away and I held on, but for some reason after a couple more yanks by him his foot slipped out of my hand and when it did since I was leaning so far over I stumbled a little and he scooted away quickly then whirled around to threaten to kick me.  I don't think he really would've kicked me but I regained my balance and scooted to his side and asked Trainer K. who was right next door in the other grooming room with Favi, "What just happened?"  She came into my grooming room and said he'd gotten scared and had reacted like I was going to go after him for pulling his foot away.  By then he was visibly shaking all over.   He probably thought I was lunging at him when I lost my balance.  He was so sweet and small and scared and shaking so hard I just wanted to pull him into my lap and hug him!  Trainer K. tried to touch his back leg and he flew up against the wall and cowered.  So we just let that be and helped him calm down for about five minutes until he was ready for me to finish cleaning his feet.  Poor little guy.   His personality is such that you just feel so bad for him because he doesn't want to hurt anyone so it takes a lot for him to get to the point where he being defensive with his hind end and even then it seems like he feels bad about it.

I didn't ride or work Maiden but I took her out in the arena to free lunge.  Usually she just hangs around until I chase her then she reluctantly canters a little.  But yesterday she was flying all over the place running top speed around the arena.  It was pretty cute!  And it was nice to see because I think it means she's feeling good and probably getting in enough shape that it feels good to run around like that.  Plus, I think the Adequan is working to help her back and front knees feel better which is great!

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