Saturday, September 7, 2013

New home for the Girl ...

I moved my elderly horse, Girlfriend into a new pasture yesterday.  This one is three blocks from my house so I'll be doing all self-care myself which will be nice.  She was quite far away at the last pasture so it was hard to get out and see her very often with my busy schedule.  But now I can see her everyday!  Being in a pasture as opposed to a stall has been really good for her and she's moving around a lot better than she was before.  I think not being ridden has been good for her too, unfortunately for me.  I miss riding her because she's so fun.

She's been very herd-bound with her old pasture mate, Madie so it was emotionally hard to take her away yesterday.  She's not one for dramatics or throwing a fit, but when we drove up with the trailer and I came out to the pasture with a halter and lead rope she knew what was up and ran away from me at first.  Then when she realized she was just too polite by nature to keep running away from me she went into the shed, squeezed herself between Madie's butt and the wall and shoved her face into the corner so if she didn't see me I didn't exist.  I tried approaching her by squeezing around Madie myself but she'd just back up so that she kept Madie between me and her.  Madie was unfortunately on Girlfriend's side in this debate.  Finally, I smacked Madie on the butt and she jumped with surprise but acquiesced and moved away from Girlfriend.

Girl got into the trailer just fine and didn't freak out and scream or throw any fits, but when we got her to the new pasture she ran around a lot and screamed for any horses that were nearby.  The mini squealed back and some neighboring horses screamed back from nearby properties.  It was hard for me to watch and I felt like a horrible person for taking her away from Madie.  But they're selling Madie so she couldn't stay with her anyway. 

I went through the path between pastures and pulled out some four foot tall weeds to make a clear path to the mini's pasture and Trainer K. led Girl up to the fence to meet her roommate, Domino.  Domino reared up as best he could (he's really tiny) and came running over to the fence squealing and stuck his nose through the fence.  Girl looked unimpressed, leaned over to sniff his nose, and then immediately bit him, turned around and ran back to her pasture.  This sent Domino into a huge squealing frenzy of "come back! come back!" which was still going on when I left with Trainer K.

I had to go pick up my daughter from the school bus stop, then came back and was happy to see Girl had calmed down a lot.  The owner of the property was out checking things out in the pasture and introducing himself to Girl, his two little girls were collecting apples for her (which sadly she wouldn't eat because she doesn't really like apples) and their German Shepherd was running around the periphery of the pasture trying to get Girl to play with him.  She seemed to like the dog the best of everyone.  I gave her some grain and a calming supplement and she seemed like she was already starting to adjust.  So, I feel a little better.

We'll see this morning how she's doing - hopefully she's adjusting even more.

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