Friday, September 27, 2013

Where did that come from?

I've been very stressed the last couple days for many reasons ranging from having to go to this week long intensive class for equine massage next week to my second week of teaching riding lessons to just other random stuff including my overly active worrying brain.  So I took the dogs for their long walk through the woods in hopes it would help me relax. 

While we were walking along the boardwalk down by the stream we walked right over a perfectly formed little stomach and duodenum probably from a large frog or a mouse.  Nothing else, just the little stomach/duodenum.  So of course all morning I was wondering how a stomach/duodenum ended up on the boardwalk with absolutely no other sign of the rest of the dead animal.  Either the bunnies are performing some sort of ritual sacrifice or the raptors don't eat stomachs?  Of course doing a google search on "do predator's eat their prey's stomach" is not doing me any good.  Maybe the stomach fell out when they lifted up the prey to fly off with it?  Yep.  These are the things I think about.

I still feel like I'm fighting off a cold so I didn't ride Maiden yesterday, but lunging, cleaning her stall and grooming her turned out to be just as tiring.  Day before yesterday I rode her at a walk and we did lots of stretching and that was actually less tiring in retrospect.  I also did more grooming with Rex and Trainer K. showed me how to clip his bridle path despite him having a full lion's mane.  He really does have the biggest mane I've ever seen.  And it really is like a lion mane, I'm not using poetic blog license.

That said I was pretty tired when I got to work, but once my classes started and I was thinking about teaching I forgot how I was feeling and I think my students had good lessons and I helped Miss T. with her group lesson.  As soon as I'd put Dreamy back after my last lesson I went into the office to write my class notes and as soon as I sat down I realized "Oh ... I don't feel very good."  It was all I could do to get my notes written, stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things and drag myself home to the couch.  Luckily, my husband took pity on me being so tired and had cooked dinner which was full of all sorts of healthy goodness and was nice and spicy which made me feel a lot better.  And the season premier of the Big Bang Theory was on (squeeee!)

I heard this song on an ad for the next week's episode of the Big Bang Theory (squeeee!) and it's probably the cheesiest song ever written and yet I can't help but like it.  Especially because it reminds me of when we were at the Evergreen State Fair when my daughter was four years old and she wanted to stay to watch the Neil Diamond cover band.  The singer winked at her, pointed to her and took off one of his beaded necklaces and threw it to her.  That was right up there with when we went to see my friend, Pete's band play at a street fair and between songs (and slam dancing by my daughter who was three at the time) Pete walked to the front of the stage, spit, then pointed at my daughter and winked and smiled.  And spit again.  I may have to link to his band too.  I call it his mid-life crisis band.  Much like horses are my mid-life crisis - it's a lot more fun than a red corvette and much less selfish - I'm making kids happy with riding lessons and he's making fans happy with music.

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