Thursday, November 7, 2013

Biding my time

I'm sitting in front of our fireplace hoping my jeans will dry before I have to leave to go grocery shopping, take care of my horse and volunteer at my daughter's school.  November weather has hit our region and this morning was one big dump of rain.  The bus was late so all the kids were huddled under two umbrellas with the pitbull trying to squeeze in under one of the them, so I just put my raincoat hood up and sucked it up.

Then suddenly a little fluffy, white dog came tearing out of the yard of the house across the street from the bus stop that has been empty since we moved here (it was foreclosed and then just never sold).  The poor little dog had no clue about cars and froze right in the middle of the road where cars were stopping and trying to go around it and one car which was driving way too fast and not paying attention almost hit it.  The kids were traumatized but what could I do when I've got my two dogs?  And there was not way I was handing the pitbull's leash to one of the little kids in case the stupid neighbor with the big black dog walked by (the one who won't cross the street when the pitbull goes crazy and insists on walking right by us anyway - because our dogs fighting in the middle of group of little children is no big fucking deal? Aaaagh).

After the kids got on the bus I took my dogs up and "herded" the little dog back to his house.  This of course was a challenge because he'd made it across the street and decided in all his fluffy, ten-pound glory he was going to take down my pitbull and ran at us barking and snarling in his little high pitched voice which sent the pitbull into an "I'm going to eat you frenzy" of lunging, barking and snarling.  Luckily, this is what the little dog needed to convince him to cross the street and after making sure no cars were coming I took my dogs closer to him to encourage him to run back across the street to his house.  Luckily, that worked and he ended up running circles in his front yard and barking like crazy.  There was a trailer and big truck in the driveway and a ton of boxes in the front room so I knocked on the door and sure enough a man with two identical little fluffy dogs answered (both of whom also wanted to kill the pitbull) and he came out and retrieved his little dog before he got run over.  Phwew!  Of course, during all this it was pouring down rain and when I got home my jeans were as soaking as if I'd taken a shower in them.

Lots of houses are selling in my neighborhood.  So this is probably a good time to sell our house and buy a farm.  We just haven't found the right one.  I found a wonderful one in our price range down in Enumclaw just a couple miles from Donida Farm but I don't think I can convince my husband to move South.  It reminds me of the farm my Godmother lived on that we'd go visit in Enumclaw when I was a kid.  I loved that farm! This one even has a silo.  Not that I know what to do with a silo but I could learn.  My husband asked "A missile silo????"  and I said, "Yes, the CIA is downsizing Shield's program and it was secretly one of their bases."  He'd buy it in a second if that were true.

My pants aren't even remotely dry but I need to head out and get started on my errands.  Sigh.

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