Monday, December 30, 2013

That didn't go as planned

Trainer K. helped me moved Maiden today to the pasture by my house where Girlfriend has been living.  I've been reading up on introducing new horses to each other and figured I had it all figured out.  And Trainer K was there.  Surely it would go smoothly.   And I had a feeling that Girl and Maiden would like each other - which turned out to be the only thing I was right about.

We took Maiden out of the trailer and Girlfriend got all excited and ran up to the fence to see her.  Maiden got out of the trailer and was so excited she was shaking and hopping up and down.  I took her over closer to the fence and she was bouncing around, then would eat grass really fast, then bounce around a little more with grass hanging out of her mouth, then eat grass really fast.  It's like I brought her to paradise and she wasn't sure what to do first and was afraid she'd have to leave soon so she'd better eat as fast as she could.

The big back pasture where I keep Girlfriend had been blocked off into two halves, so I figure for the first couple hours we'd keep Maiden in the south half by the street so the horses could get used to each other over the fence.  Unfortunately, I'd never noticed before that the fencing between those two parts of the pasture were barbed wire with hot wire over the top.  The hot wire was fine but I'd thought I'd checked to make sure there wasn't any barbed wire and wasn't sure how I'd missed that little bunch.  I figured I'd ask the owner if I could come out and replace it tomorrow or the next day just to be safe and for the time being the hot wire would keep them away from the barbed wire below.

So, I put Maiden in her half of the pasture and took her halter off and she bounced around a little, ate some big mouthfuls of grass as fast as she could, then raised her tail way up in the air and took off in a big circle, then ran toward the street, skidded to a stop and spun around and then galloped as fast as she could and despite me screaming at her to stop ran straight through the barbed wire fence!  I completely froze and watched her until she turned around to see how badly she was injured but surprisingly I couldn't see any blood from where I was - and since she's a black and white pinto I knew running that fast if she had a bad cut she'd have blood all over her white patches.  But that didn't fix the fact that she had run through the fence and caused a couple hundred feet of barbed wire and hot wire to go flying up in the air and it was now splayed all over the pasture.

Trainer K helped me gather it up and put it all in one place and I called the property owner to tell him what happened. We agreed we'd just take down the barbed wire fence and pull out the t-posts and open it up to one big pasture.   We cut down the barbed wire and put it in a big pile outside the pasture to be taken to recycle then pulled the t-posts out with the tractor.   And I got to drive the tractor!  It was way cooler than it probably should've been!  I drove it up to each t-post and the property owner wrapped a chain attached to the shovel around the t-post and I lifted the shovel and it pulled the t-post right out of the ground.  It was so cool.  When we someday have our own farm I am so getting a tractor.  They're handy little devices!

I never did catch Maiden to put medicine on her cuts or put her blanket back on.  She'll just have to be cold tonight.  Every time I'd go near her she'd look at me like "I think I should go up to mom ..." then Girlfriend would trot by and nudge her and say "No, gallop with me instead!" and Maiden would say "Sure thing!" and they'd both gallop off to the other end of the property.  She can have her blanket back tomorrow.  I'm just glad the girls love each other so much.  Now my new dilemna is what am I going to do when March rolls around and Maiden is supposed to leave?  Poor Girl will be devastated.  If we had our own property I swear I'd just keep Maiden.  Sigh.

View from the tractor.  I so want a tractor!

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