Monday, December 16, 2013

Why is Santa so mean?

We're watching the obligatory every year Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas special and as I've thought every year since we started watching it again with my daughter years ago, I am continually surprised at what a jerk Santa is portrayed as.  I was just mentioning it to my husband and he said "Well, we don't know what was going on with Santa. He may have had marital problems or he was feeling the pressure of Amazon encroaching on his business ..."  Regardless, if it was indicative of the societal norms of the 60's it explains why I am the way I am having been born at the end of the 60's.  Yep.

Something I always remember about this show too is that when my daughter war around three years old she was terrified of the Abominable Snowman character so we got her a stuffed toy version of him to see if it would make her less afraid.  But it did not and next time the show was on was on she ran and hid in the hallway, then ran to her room, grabbed her stuff toy and held it around the corner facing the tv (with her other hand covering her eyes) and said, "Look! There's your dad!"

Work continues to be fun and is much more fun when it's not 14 degrees out.  Our new horse, Geir is doing well and is listening to me consistently now when I ride him..  He just gets used to the absolute beginner very young kids being on him who don't do anything but sit there and wave their feet around and fling their hands all over the place so he tunes out and doesn't realize people are actually riding him at first when they are.  Actually,  I have a student riding him in one of my classes now who does know the basics (and can apply them - it's hard sometimes for a four or five year old to focus enough to use the aids consistently and some of them are more at the age of being on leadline pony rides to help them learn balance and body movements and that's what's age-appropriate for them) and he's listening to her very well (I'm so proud of him!)

I had a horrifying realization on Saturday during one of my classes though.  One of my younger kids had just started her lesson and passed some horse poo on the ground and said, "I know that's not from my horse because we just started and hadn't been in this corner yet," and I said, "You're right.  That actually looks like Mason's poo."  Then realized - oh my god! I'm starting to recognize whose poo is whose.  That is just weird.

I'm very tired today because for some reason I kept having nightmares last night.  One of them I actually apparently cried out something because my husband woke me up and asked me if I was ok.  It wasn't that scary of a dream in translation - I was going into my apartment where I lived alone and had no pitbulls (like in real life) to let me know when I got home that the house was all clear and safe - and the front door of the apartment was different than how I'd left it.  So, I was going through the apartment checking in each room to make sure there was no one there, and I got to the kitchen (the last room) and saw the door to a huge pantry slightly ajar and I just knew that was where the intruder was hiding, so I flung the door open and screamed to scare the intruder and just as I was seeing in the dream that there was no one there my husband woke me up.  Then I had an even weirder dream that I was riding in the car with family friends (and was a teenager) on Halloween and all the trick-or-treaters were actually zombies.  Then I was pushed out of the car and had to run to a particular  space on the sidewalk (about five feet by five feet) the zombie couldn't enter but they kept trying to and the space kept getting smaller.  One of the zombies was an ex-boyfriend (kind of a mixture of a bunch of real life ex's) and was trying to apologize for being a jerk in our relationship and I started to feel sympathetic toward him, then realized I was still going to have to kill him because he was a zombie.  Then my daughter woke me up.  Not sure why I'm having zombie dreams when that is my daughter and husband's schtick.

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