Sunday, January 12, 2014

A recent conversation at a party

My daughter's friend just said said she wants to work at Google because at the New York campus they have an ice cream truck that travels around in the building.  It reminded me of a conversation I had at a party recently.  A stranger said he'd overheard me talking about my horses and asked where I keep them (this was a party in Seattle so they probably assumed I lived in the city).  I said I keep one of them at work and his eyes got really big and he said, "Google is doing that now?" and after a moment of figuring out that he thought I was a tech geek like most everyone else at the party I said no, I work at a barn full of horses.  And I can honestly say I'd rather play with horses and kids all day than work at Google even if they do have excellent cafeterias, gyms and an indoor ice cream truck.

Recently, I've been having nightmares of moving back to the city.  I'm not kidding.  I really have been having dreams we moved to the city and I'm horrified by how crowded and loud and how few trees there are.  Usually the most stressful part is that we are there because my husband puts his foot down in the dream and says he's had enough of my madness and is taking us back to the city where life is so much better and I've made him suffer enough.  When I told him that this morning he said 1) "Why am I always such a jerk in your dreams?" and 2) that when he was driving our friend home out to the boonies out by Duvall he made a comment to our daughter that East Woodinville looks like a lovely place to buy a house with property.  I agree.  I don't want to change school systems for our daughter if we don't have to.  Although if we were to move to a farm in Monroe (won't happen - too far of a commute to Seattle ... sigh ...) they have an excellent home schooling program in that area that includes a full robotics program.  Wow!

Maiden is doing well despite healing from an abscess.  On Friday I had to change her poultice pad and wrap.  I was impressed with the finished product and how good it looked and all that, but what I was not happy with was the process.  When the vet put the first poultice wrap on it was like she pulled out the poultice pad, plopped it in a gallon bag of water, put it on Maiden's foot and then whip/zing/bam she had it held on securely with vet wrap, slipped on the protective boot and had that held on with sticky tape - 1,2,3 no problem!  Mine consisted more of me trying to hold up Maiden's foot so the pad/bag wouldn't fall off while getting vet wrap all tangled up and stuck to itself and then almost falling over when Maiden tried to pull her foot away, lots of profanities and wasting vet wrap that I dropped in the mud and couldn't unstick from itself without ruining it ... then I had to put the boot on and before I'd fastened the velcro straps Maiden had kicked it off and sent it flying across the barn and slammed her foot down so the vet wrap was all dirty.  I did finally get the whole thing done.  And it's supposed to stay on until Tuesday so hopefully that will happen.  Here it is pre-putting the boot on.  I also never successfully folded over and wrapped in the vet wrap the excess plastic from the gallon size bag so I just ended up cutting the excess off.  Also, part of the fun of vet wrap is getting to choose from all the bright, pretty Spring colors.

Maiden is still limping a little but definitely more comfortable.  Especially when she goes running off when Girlfriend chases her away from her senior feed.  I was worried last week because Girl needs her few pounds of senior feed every day in order to keep her weight at least close to where it should be but Maiden was pushing her out of the way and eating it instead.  For a few days I would intervene and chase Maiden away and then have a stand-off with her while Girlfriend ate.  Yesterday I noticed they were both eating out of Girl's food bin and I figured that was better than just Maiden eating it.  But today I was out picking up branches from yesterday's storm and I heard a squeal and some shuffling and looked over and Girl had chased Maiden away from her food.  Maiden would try to sneak up while Girl was looking up chewing and Girl would turn and pin her ears and glare at her and Maiden would slink away.   At one point Girl looked away and Maiden reached over with her head and grabbed the bin with her teeth and pulled the food bin toward her.  When Girl turned around again she pinned her ears, barred her teeth and lunged at Maiden which made Maiden scurry away.  When I finally left to come home Maiden was standing a few feet away from Girlfriend lifting one leg and shaking it (her way of begging for treats from people) and Girlfriend just turned her butt toward her and ignored her.  I feel better now about about not having to stay there for a half hour or more to keep Maiden tied up so Girl could eat.  I think Girl has it covered.

We had an enormous storm yesterday which was perfect timing for working all day with the ponies and kids.  Our power went out the night before but luckily our hot water heater is gas, as is our stove and our fireplace so our house was warm, I could take a shower before work, and I could make coffee with the French press.  But it was still stormy when I got to work and just got worse throughout the day.  At one point my work jacket (which is this super nice, high quality rain coat with fleece lining which can withstand just about anything) was so wet and rain and seeped in somehow and soaked the fleece, and my pants were soaking wet as were my gloves so I'd taken them off.  I went out to get Jesse (the big draft) for my next lesson and the wind was so cold and my hands stung so badly that when he stopped to pee I almost cried because I just wanted to get into the barn out of the wind.  As soon as I'd toweled him off I texted my husband with an emergency plea to bring me long underwear to go under my soaking wet pants and admitted to my co-worker that I'm a weenie and needed warmer clothes so if my husband showed up with long underwear while I'm in a class to have him put it in the office.  Which caused one of the tweens to squeal, "Oh gross! Underwear!" and one of the older teens rolled her eyes and said, "It's not underwear it's long underwear! That's not at all the same thing!" and thus started a discussion among the kids about underwear which I left my co-worker with because I had to go get Jesse ready for my lesson.  You're welcome.

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