Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ode to the Budman

We had to put my cat Buddy to sleep this afternoon.  He was two weeks shy of being nineteen years old.  It was a good time for him to go, he was rapidly losing weight and had lost his appetite and was having trouble walking.  He'd gone from 20 pounds in his prime to 5 pounds.  He gave me a look today that said, "I am so done!" so I feel good about the decision.

We had the vet come to our house and put him to sleep on the couch while we sat around him.  Our daughter carried him over to the couch because she wanted to be the last one to hold him.  She only knew him half of his life and the first year of her life he couldn't stand her and we imagined that his name for her was "Usurper" because she had claimed our laps.  He had quite a life and even drove across the country with me twice.  The first time when I moved to Atlanta, GA and we drove through the Mojave Desert and through northern Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas then down through Alabama. On the way home we went much further south and drove through New Orleans and Southern Louisiana, Central Texas and and Southern New Mexico and Arizona, then back up through the Mojave Desert.  So, when they put him to sleep we said that he's now in kitty heaven sleeping on a cloud over his favorite place - Texas.

Oh that reminds me of a story.  My friend, Allison was driving back with me the trip when I moved back to Seattle from Atlanta.  She really wanted to drive through the Blue Bonnet trail so we took that route. It wasn't a very well traveled highway so we pulled off so that Allison could get a photo of herself sitting in all the blue flowers.  She ran up a slope, sat down, I snapped the picture and immediately she jumped up and ran back down to the car at the side of the road jumping up and down in pain because the blue bonnet trail is covered with cactus plants.  Then while she was trying to pick cactus burs out of the butt of her overalls, a truck full of guys drove by hooting at us.  Good times.

In other news I went to the pasture to feed Maiden and Girlfriend yesterday and Maiden was hobbling around on three feet looking truly miserable.  She finally gave up and laid down and didn't want to get up when the vet finally came to look at it.  Turns out she has an abscess in one of her hooves so we gave her some Bute, wrapped a poultice pad around her hoof and are hoping for the best.

I'm off in just a minute to go out into the dark and rain to give Maiden her second dose of Bute for the day.  Sigh.  Here is a song for the day:

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