Sunday, February 9, 2014

and my toes are cold ...

I woke up this morning and it had finally snowed a couple inches! It's so pretty and my daughter is bouncing off the walls and my first thought was, "No way am I going out in that!" I spent all of last week at equine massage school in unusually cold temperatures which made standing outside to watch demos semi-unbearable.  We all wore several layers and passed around hand warmers like candy but it was still hard to stand for an hour or more and watch gait evaluations and myofascial release demos when it was 23 degrees out.  It was much easier when we were actually practicing on the horses because we were moving and having worked outside for so long I knew if I was moving I would instantly warm up and would find myself during the demos looking around wondering if they'd let me listen to them while I picked a stall or two.  I didn't want to jump up and down too much and spook horses so I did as much kinetic stuff (rocking, wiggling my toes, bouncing) as I could without moving much.  Despite my lifestyle I am a huge cold wimp.  I don't think people realize that about me but I hate being cold and in my head I'm a huge baby about it.  I just don't get cold as long as I keep moving when I'm out in cold temperatures.

As it is once my daughter had downed half the pancakes she had made before her dad and I got up, and had bundled up in her snow pants, I felt inclined to take the pitbull out with her while she went sledding with other neighborhood kids.  The pitbull loves snow and loves playing with groups of kids so she was in heaven.  Her job during sledding is watch with an enormous amount of concern for anybody who crashes or falls off their sled, so she can run over and lick them in the face. 

After a bit I left them to their chaos and my husband and I walked up to the pasture to feed Girl and Maiden.  I hadn't seen them since before going to Vashon since I had to go to work yesterday so I was going through some horse-withdrawal for them.  Part of their pasture comes up to the road that I drive up to get to their pasture, but the driveway to the property is another eighth of a mile or so up the hill, but since we were walking we cut through the yard of the pasture owner's in-laws so we had to walk quite a ways next to the fence to get to the gate and Maiden let out a loud squeal/whinny and ran over to the fence and hopped and danced along side me until I got to the gate and then she reared, jumped and spung and bucked, then came and stood practically on top of me.  Wow!  That made me feel so good!  How am I going to possibly say good-bye to her at the end of month? Aaaaargh! Taryn will never forgive me if I change my mind.  But I'll be crying for awhile saying good-bye to her. Aaargh.

So, despite that it was unusually cold for my week at school it was SO AWESOME! (in the words of the tweens I am surrounded by).  We learned three really powerful massage modalities that feel like they bring really noticeable results as opposed to gradual results which for a worrier like me who wonders if I'm doing any good, is very exciting.  Also, just learning more about equine massage is fun for me.  I'm already looking forward to Level 300 but I'm going to force myself to just gel with what I've learned from this last course for at least a month or so and focus on practicing these techniques.  That and I already signed up for an online acupressure course which I'll need to finish before taking on anything else.  And I'm excited that the school is offering a Manual Ligament Therapy class soon that I want to take.  And I need to study for and take the National Exam so I can start charging - oh yeah, there is that.

I had the opportunity to work on one of the older, retired Hunter/Jumper horses and I got to practice Stress Point Therapy on a Stress Point in her bicep femoris (one of her hamstrings).  When I palpated that area I noticed a difference in tone that was almost exactly what I'd felt in Clovi, the little Fjord I worked on last weekend before heading out to school.  It felt like her bicep femoris was atrophied and lacked any muscle tone but then the muscle caudal (behind) - semimembronosus and semimembronosus - felt rock hard.  After working out the Stress Point the tone throughout the muscles felt much more even and when she went out on the lunge line she actually moved much more smoothly.  Well, I was lunging her so it was a little different perspective because when I watched her before working on her my classmate had lunged her, but I wanted to give her a break.  But I heard my classmates exclaim that there was a big difference and even from my new perspective I could see a difference  So, now I'm excited to try that on Clovi and see if it helps.  Clovi is an older horse and has been on and off lame for quite some time so I'm hoping with these new techniques and the good chiropractor that his owners have that he can make some improvements.  The owner even said when he's sound my daughter can ride him since her daughters are too big for him now that they've grown-up, which is totally not necessary but is very sweet of her.

This is the second week in a row that I've gotten up to my daughter playing music and dancing around the kitchen making chocolate chip pancakes.  This morning I came down and thought "This is pleasant music" and was horrified to find out it was one of her boy bands she loves.  Oh well.  These guys aren't so bad.  They have a tv show that I hated at first until I realized they were trying to remake The Monkees show and suddenly it all made sense and now I don't mind watching it when my daughter watches it.   Still, the old punk rock goth in me still mutters in a surly voice with a nasty sneer, "How do these guys ever get dates?"  Ah, my younger self.  If I met my younger self now she would be horrified by me and I would be endlessly amused by her.

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