Friday, February 28, 2014

Day after Tomorrow

As a birthday present for myself I bought tickets for our family to go see Cavalia Odysseo.  I'm wondering now if I should've just bought two tickets for myself and my daughter because my husband is not very interested.  He said he'd go but it was more of a he'd go to hang out with us and put up with the show.

He really has no interest in horses.  It's funny because when I meet people and they hear what I do for a living one of the first questions they ask is "Does your husband like horses?" and they always look surprised when I said "No. Not at all."  I've pretty much had to force myself to accept that he will never have any interest in horses at all.  A little like me and comic books.  Although outside of the actual comic books I've managed to get interested in the comic book movies - like all the Avenger movies that we see all of them now as a family (now that our daughter is old enough - yay!).  And I look forward to watching Agents of Shield.  It's just the actual comic books themselves I'm not that interested in.  So, maybe that's not the same because I would be sad if Agents of Shield was never on again but I think my husband could happily never see or hear stories about horses ever again.  So, therefor I'm wondering why I bought three tickets to Odysseo when it probably would've made everyone happier if I'd only bought two.   So, yeah. Hopefully, it will be fun for us and better than just gritted teeth bareable for the hubby.  Unlike last Christmas before last when I dragged him to church with me and he was truly miserable.  Won't be doing that again.

I think it's because he's never had a horse friend like in the video below.  Which is weird to me because he's so in tune with cats and a joke in the family is that he likes the cats better than us.  Having had that experience of having a horse interact with me like in this video, I know it is from a real connection and communication and that's a pretty amazing thing.  Cynics might say "Oh, he's got food on his shirt or sugar in his pocket" but that wouldn't look like that.  There's an actual relationship between the two.

Speaking of horses, Geir is doing well.  He is getting stronger and starting to move forward a little better.    He still gets a little winded trotting around the big outside arena twice (just cause he's been a bit of a couch potato the last year or so) and he's still not very strong with lateral bending, but he's trying and giving it a good Fjord effort (which is a pretty hefty effort!).  Today we worked a little on side pass, and he was bound and determined not to do it to the left, but he finally did and I was very proud of him!

Last night after lessons I stayed and rode Beetle in the "leader ride". That's one of the times when the volunteer kids get to ride horses as a show of appreciation for their working student hours.  There were only two kids able to ride so Miss T. asked if I wanted to ride Beetle.  He is so different from Geir because he has so much energy and when she had us doing "catch up trots" (where the three of us go in a circle and then the person in front trots to catch up to the person at the end of the line) whenever the horse in front of me would trot he would bolt after them at a fast trot and I'd have to quietly convince him it wasn't his turn yet.  He was just so happy and wanted to trot along with the other horses.  About the third time he did that and he came so close to cantering I had to use all my willpower not to just canter him around the arena once because that wouldn't be appropriate.  But he's got such smooth gaits.  It was really fun to get to ride him.  Once I actually allowed him to trot on his terms he would match his pace to the pace of my posting and stretch his neck and engage his back and just was all sorts of fun.  He was for sale because he's a little too advanced for our beginner students but thankfully, he's not anymore.  He's completely safe, it's just that his happy energy can be intimidating to the more timid or nervous beginner.  But for the older teens and us instructors he's wonderful!

Maiden was supposed to move to Montana in March (that would be what starts tomorrow) but I'm glad to say we've put it off for a month while my friend gets transportation set up and while we wait for it to get a little warmer out there. The temperatures are still below freezing and she won't be wearing a blanket out there so since she's been wearing a blanket all this year.  That gives me more time to work with her before she goes now that it's nicer out and warm enough I can take her out to the front pasture to lunge her and get her back on track with some training.

Off to finish watching The Hobbit.  I must've read that book at least five times when I was my daughter's age, but I can't remember much of it except for little bits and pieces.  The part I did remember was when the big eagles come and carry them away.

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