Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why did I do that?

My daughter asked me to download a song for her that I hadn't heard so I went and looked it up on Youtube, watched the video and it literally made me cry.  So, because I am cruel and want ya'll to share in my misery I'm going to post it at the end of this post.  Then I'll post a  link to a comedian or something so my little group of friends and I don't just sit around crying this morning.

Anyhoo.  My daughter is sick so all plans are off and I'm hanging out at home all day - possibly finding the motivation to start watching the videos for my animal accupressure class I just signed up for.   And cleaning my office which is a castrophe area.  Yesterday (because it's mid-winter break) I took my daughter and real estate agent over to Vashon Island to look at houses for sale.  There were two contenders and one "wishful thinking" house.  If my husband decides he likes either of the contenders that means we'll really have to get off our butts and get our house picked up.  I'm not sure how in a little under four years we've managed to amass as much clutter as we had in our old house of eleven years, but we have.  Part of it (bless his heart) is my husband is a pack-rat totally in denial.  So, I have to sneak away junk he swears he's going to use/fix after he's not used/fixed it for two years.  Then five years later he asks where it is and gets upset that I threw it away half a decade ago.  But I love him.  And I've got my quirks too so there ya go.

It was really windy on Monday when I went to work early to ride.  Geir was being used in a lesson that day and had been stiffer than usual on Sunday when I lunged him so I didn't want to overwork him, so I rode Pal for the third time.  Each time I ride him it seems to go even better!  We started out just doing basic walk, trot and working on steering,  then we did some leg yeilds and serpentines and he is so sweet and smooth (except at his trot which when it's fast is like a jackhammer) but I was barely using any aids and just the simplest pressure from my leg or turn of my body and he responded perfectly.  Then D. who was cleaning pony paddocks walked through the arena and Pal turned and walked up to her for pets even though I didn't ask him (in his defense we were just standing and I was talking to D. and I wasn't paying attention to him - and he needs his rider to always be telling him what to do even when standing still or he will do what he wants which in this case was see if D. would pet him).  I asked her not to reward him for that (petting him) and asked him to back up and he rounded his back and framed up and graceful stepped backwards with just the lightest of aids.  Even D. commented how beautiful that was.  =swoon=   And Geir ended up doing fine in his lesson.  I gave him his adequan Sunday afternoon so that may have been all he needed.  Well and some more massage from me.  He had some trigger points in his back that I worked out, but he still has some stress points and restricted fascia I want to work on.

Vashon was fun yesterday.  It's so beautiful there and I'm so enamored with the community there.  I took my daughter and real estate agent to The Hardware Store for lunch which was really good but expensive for lunch.  It was pouring down rain and really windy so I was dreading the ferry ride, but despite the white caps it wasn't too bad.  I don't know where I got this idea I get seasick because apparently I never had.  I just figured my whole life that I do.  Maybe because I get car sick if I read in the car? But to be fair, when I've gone on long road trips, like from the West to East Coast, after three days of riding in a car all day I can do anything in the car without getting car sick - read, write, take lots of pictures and smoke a pack a day (ok - to be fair that was 18 years ago and I have since learned that smoking is horrible and don't do it anymore - besides supporting an evil, corrupt industry, and wasting way too much money, it is gross and really awful for you and not even fun unless you're addicted to it - so kids, don't ever smoke! It's stupid. Use more common sense than I did when I was young.)  What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, apparently, I don't get seasick as quickly as I think because though I haven't really tested it, it does not bother me to be on ferries in windy weather and it's never bothered me to be in a row boat or kayak in waves in the Puget Sound.  Really, the worst thing about being in waves in a kayak in Puget Sound is not seasickness (as I feared) with the rocking and up and down thunking of the kayak - it's making sure the kayak is pointed into the waves so I don't tip over.  And run into one of these guys.  Ok, I know they only eat algae but they can get to 40 feet and they're creepy looking.  So that getting seasick thing apparently is some untrue idea I got as a kid like the idea I was frail.  That has proved over the years to be anything but true.  Who knew.

My husband is still on the fence with Vashon.  It was suggested by our good friends who live there to get an on-island agent to look for a house there because they know everything, her examples being "what are the water restrictions? What are the land restrictions? Is there a meth house nearby? Is your next door neighbor a crazy goat lady?"  I like that last one and she said the last one was true for them and they love their "crazy goat lady" next door neighbor so it worked for them.  I'm hoping a local agent will appease my husband's fears that we buy a place and then have problems with a neighbor or city ordinances and then we're so isolated on this island that no one can get to except by boat, and then we're trapped.  I of course am so hard to pin down I just think we can always "run away" from the situation (although in a grown up, responsible way) but I think he's a bit more like my horses, that he is afraid of being trapped.

Speaking of which, I have been reading a book about horse neurology and once thing they talk about is how a horse freeze up when terrified and do not have the conscience ability to override this instinctual reaction (the barely having a frontal lobe issue).  I had that exact experience with Maiden the other day.   It was really windy and there was a piece of metal barrier that had blown into the pasture and uncoiled and the wind was blowing it enough so it waved a little.  I had Maiden in the cross-ties to put epson salt in a big crack in her frog and wrapping it.  But that stupid piece of metal barrier was freaking her out every time a gust of wind went by.  Thinking it was safe to keep her in the cross-ties because they are quick release and if she spooked they'd just let go and she could run off - I went over to retrieve the metal barrier and roll it up and throw it over the fence so it wouldn't roll back into the pasture.  But right when I picked it up to roll it up, the wind blew really hard and picked up the other end and Girl bolted across the pasture and Maiden jumped and twirled and instead of those quick release actually *releasing* she ended up backwards in the cross ties - outside the shed with her halter twisted and pulling really hard on her face. 

I rushed over and unclipped one end of the cross ties but the other was pulled so hard that I couldn't unclip it.  I tried to unclip it from the wall but she had pulled so hard it was twisted around her head so it was too tight to unclip it.  I tried to take her halter off, but it was stuck on her nose by the twisted cross ties.  So I tried to move her over closer to the shed to give it some slack so I could get it off and she was literally frozen.  I pushed as hard as I could to get her to listen to me but she was like a concrete statue.  I tried to calm her down, but she was still like a statue.  I remembered what I'd read and realized she would remain in that state until either her muscles gave out from fatigue (that is bad) or I managed to get the cross tie off somehow.  There was no way I could get it off the halter so I went over the wall and I pulled as hard as I could, which meant making it tighten on her face but I had no choice, and I was able to get just enough slack that if I used all my strength I could get the clip off the wall.  Thankfully I was able to do it, pulled the halter off her nose and she took off.   Thankfully, the next day she was scared to go into the cross ties but after a few minutes in them she was fine.

Hey - look at that. You can't embed the video for the song that made me cry this morning.  You lucked out!  Now you just get the comedian to cheer you up!

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