Friday, March 7, 2014

Accidental Trick Riding

Cavalia ended up being fun for our whole family - not just the horse girls (myself and my daughter).  Even my husband liked it.  Although, the Odysseo show had less galloping and trick riding than the original show that my daughter and I saw a couple years ago.  But they had a troupe of dancers from West Africa who did some great dances.  My husband said (sarcastically) that they seemed to be showing an underlying theme of indigenous people being controlled by long-haired ren-festers on horses.  Even though he was kidding, it struck a cord of annoyance in me reminding me of many people I knew when we lived in Seattle who insisted that just because you had dark skin, you must surely be victimized and oppressed, but fear not for this white person was here to be your champion.

Ok then.  So Cavalia was quite fun and I felt a little emotional during a couple scenes (mostly when all the horses were out on stage) where my eyes actually teared up a little by how lovely it was to see all those beautiful horses right in front of me (we were in the second row) and knowing all these people had paid to come an appreciate who wonderful horses are.  Yes, I know that sounds cheesy but just deal with it.

Monday I got to do my own accidental trick riding.  In front of a student nonetheless.  I had a few minutes beween lessons so I thought I'd hop on Geir bareback and get in fifteen minutes of riding.  My next student (who is an adult) was early so I asked her to come hang out in the arena while I rode and we'd talk about the new horse I was changing her to for her lessons.  I was chatting away about what makes her new lesson horse tick and the differences between he and Jesse, who she had been riding, and I put the mounting block next to Geir just like I always do, and I stepped up, swung my leg over his back and to my horror realized I could not hoist myself up all the way on to his back.  Now that he has more energy he has developed an annoying habit of walking off as soon as I start to get on ... no big deal if I'm actually on his back because then I can just use my seat cue and a the reins to remind him to stop.  But that's not so easy when you're hanging off his side.  I tried to hoist myself all the way up but I still couldn't do it, then I thought about sliding off, but I wasn't really in a good position to do that while he was walking, so I asked him with my voice to "whoa", he didn't understand what I was talking about apparently, so I managed to grab both reins with my left hand (the one not wrapped over his neck along with my right leg which were both keeping me from face planting while hanging off his side) and gave a little, gentle pull and said "whoa" and he stopped and I slid off and he looked at me with the sweetest look of asking "WTF, Mom?"  Meanwhile my student is across the arena saying, "Oh no! Are you ok? What happened? Are you ok?"  I was mortified.

I did realize that I normally turn the mounting block over so it is much taller when I get on Geir bareback so it wasn't like I just suddenly got enormously weak and couldn't mount him like usual, I just wasn't thinking when I put the mounting block next to him the short way.  And after all was said and done I'd managed to get a nice, big muscle strain in my right Glut Medius.  About the same place I had a large, thin circular lined bruise from a couple days before when I'd been walking backward talking to two young students during one of my classes and fell over a barrel that was cut in half and landed on my butt right on one of the edges before toppling backwards and ending up spread-eagle in the middle of the arena.  Apparently, that was pretty funny because one of the tweens who had the young kids on leadline was still trying not to laugh five minutes later.

Tomorrow is my 47th birthday and I'm trying to positive about my age.  I've long since given up the hope that guys will stop and look at me when I walk down the street because they think I'm pretty. I think those days are long gone.  But I also do miss the idea of "having my whole life ahead of me".  Hopefully, I still have a good forty years ahead of me of riding horses and bouncing around, but it's not quite as big of a possibility as when I was in my 20's.  For some reason, my mom doesn't think that "at my age" I should picking up heavy things and doing things that are "hard on my back".  I can pick up about 75 pounds (although I'm not particularly happy picking up anything over 50 pounds ... but I can still do it) and my Mom said to me last summer, "Promise me you'll stop picking up heavy things once you turn 50."  I've been thinking about that ever since and thinking about how if I stop picking up heavy things my back will get weak and that would suck.  So, I think I will pick up heavy things as long as I physically can.  And I wonder why there are certain demographics who feel that just because you are 50 or over you have to stop being physically active? As though physical activity will somehow hurt you more at that age.  Falling off horses will hurt you more.  Dropping 75 pounds on your foot may hurt you more.  But physical activity doesn't seem to be bad for you at any age.  I have not been able to wrap my head around that reasoning.  Just as I still can't wrap my head around the reasoning that if you keep your child indoors then they will be healthier.  Well, unless you were in China where pollution is so bad, then that might actually be valid.

And in other news, PayPal is a mess.  I think they're trying to update their site but all that seems to have happened is they'll take me to a "demo" of their new site, but if I try to do anything on there (like create "pay now" buttons in my merchant account) it just defaults back to the root menu and I can't do anything.  I finally tried to exit out of their "fancy schmancy new site" and go back to the Classic site (which apparently doesn't work anymore either) and got a "send us feedback what you don't like about the new site and what you would like better" and it wouldn't let me just close it without writing anything (stalkers!) so under "what would make you like the site better" all I could think of to write was "if it worked".  Grumble.  Grumble. Grumble.  This is why I don't have a career working with computers.

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