Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Embarrassing accident of the day ...

There is this thing called Vasovagal Synocope which is basically another name for fainting.  There are a lot of reasons it can happen to people ranging from drug reactions to the site of blood to my particular weakness - nerve pain.  It is basically where the blood leaves your head, your blood pressure drops quickly and dramatically and you faint.  It's happened to me a few times and all except for when I had the Norwalk virus and was dehydrated it has been because something hit/hurt a nerve (like hitting my funny bone really hard or something like that).

It doesn't happen with just plain ole pain in my case.  When my old foster horse, Sinatra stomped on my foot and broke my toe a few years ago it hurt so badly I couldn't touch my toe for ten minutes and just sat on a stool, gritted my teeth and rocked back and forth for ten minutes and ocassionally choked out "I'm fine. Leave me alone" to bystanders who kept asking if I needed anything.  But once when I was driving across country I got up one morning, whacked my elbow on the bathroom counter and had to lie down for fifteen minutes after fainting and thus made us get a late start out on the road.

Today I was riding Geir in my lesson and thinking far too much about trying to encourage him to bend a bit more to the right as we were walking to the right and I did see we were close to the fence around the outside of arena, but didn't think we were *that* close, when "wham!" my knee hit one of the big, thick, metal support poles right on the side of the kneecap where the nerves are (the saphenous nerve to be exact).  I grabbed my knee, swore a little bit, rode Geir away from the wall and stopped.  Trainer KL asked if I was ok, and I realized I felt like I was going to throw up so I slid off of Geir (and made sure to land only on my right foot) and hobbled over to the mounting block to sit down.  Trainer KL was giving me some tips on how to make my knee feel better and my head was swimming and I was trying to figure out a way to explain my knee would be fine but I was feeling sick.  Then my ears started roaring, my eyes started to black over and I realized I couldn't sit up any more so I just laid down in the arena and all I could think of to say was, "I'm fine.  I'll be fine.  Just give me a minute."  Geir thought that was quite interesting and started inspecting my half chaps for treats so Trainer KL took him and said calmly it concerned her that her student was lying on her back in the arena.

I finally was able to explain that I was having a vasovagal reaction to nerve pain and would need to lie there for a few minutes.  Which turned out to be about ten minutes.  I tried getting up after a few minutes and sitting on the big water trough that has a huge lid on it that we sometimes use as a mounting block and asked Trainer KL to get some water for me and thought I was feeling well enough to take Geir's reins.  But as soon as she walked out of the arena, I had to lie down on the water trough because I wasn't quite ready to sit up.  Geir once again took that as an invitation to inspect my breeches for treats.

Thankfully, it passed and I was able to get back up on Geir and work on some side passes and walking.  About the time I got back on him the school owner came out to stuff hay bags and I was very glad she didn't come out ten minutes before and get freaked out about why her employee was lying in the middle of the arena.

I really hate having moments like that where I am completely at the mercy of what my body is doing.  But I'm glad it passes quickly.  What is ironic is that my knee stopped hurting long before the vasovagal symptoms completely went away.

Thankfully, it was sunny out.  But I don't think I realized how bad arena floors smell.  And this particular outdoor arena floor is the softest, nicest arena pea gravel you could possibly find.  But it still smells bad.

Well, it's a nice day out and I don't have to work so this afternoon I'm going to start preparing the garden beds for planting.  I'm going all out this year and testing the soil for nutrients and making my own fertilizer recipes to bring them all up to standard.  Last year I conquered powdery mildew - this year I'll conquer soil nutrients.

Another one of my daughter's songs she likes - but now it's becoming *my* happy song -


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