Monday, March 17, 2014

R.I.P. Tasha

I just found out via a facebook post that Tasha, a horse from the barn I used to board Maiden out, died.  It appears she died either last night or this morning.  I am crushed.  As crushed as if a friend had died.  Yes, she was old (I believe she was 31 years old now) and she was slowing down, but one is never ready for a good friend to die.  Even though I haven't seen her for months she had such a positive impact on my life and on my daughter's life. 

She was a very rare type of horse that was truly bombproof and kind but with enough spunk to not render her a "zombie horse".   She helped me gain quite a bit of confidence riding bareback at walk, trot and canter.  She helped my daughter gain confidence by being the first horse that she cantered on independently (she started out cantering on the lunge line but by 8 years old was cantering her by herself).   There are not many horses I feel my daughter is ready to canter on safely, but Tasha was one of them.

I guess if you're not a horse person, or even if you are but never met her it's hard to express how special this horse was.  She was a character and she had a distinct personality, but she was also a good, kind soul and made a lot of people's lives much better because of her life.

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