Friday, March 28, 2014

Temporal Conundrums

This morning over breakfast my daughter asked if I'd heard of The Grandfather Paradox (yes, these are normal over breakfast conversations for us ... it's hard for my non-morning brain to keep up with).  I said I hadn't heard that name for it but I probably had heard it before, I just didn't remember the name.  After she explained it I said that yes, I'd heard of it.  And said perhaps he traveled into an alternate universe and was caught between the two realities in a circular - rather Escher loop of realities which would cause what appeared as random changes in each reality but when examined closely would actually be a coherent intermingling of the two realities. Like a Gordian knot.   Then I had that feeling of "Ouch ... brain hurts ... must get my first cup of coffee ..."  Her dad sited an old series of Godzilla movies where there were actually two Godzillas and only one that they thought was the only one was killed and that the grandfather could have a twin that the grandson killed and then never knew about.  I kind of tuned out during that conversation though because I was still waking up.

What's ironic is that earlier in the morning my daughter asked me what I thought her natural talent is.  I said she had a good eye for film making and design, she understands math easily and she understands science easier than many people.  So, I probably set myself up for that pre-coffee conversation.

In other news I am finding that my education on horse massage is actually helping me with human massage.  Specifically the differentiating between Stress Points and Trigger Points.  We had learned about Trigger Points in human massage school but I'd never even heard of Stress Points.  I asked a physical therapist aide friend what the difference was and how to treat them and she said they leave that up to us massage therapists to deal with.  Interesting.  I'm not sure if Stress Points are taught these days in human massage courses and if they were when I went to school a long time ago I don't remember it.  But I'm finding them to be extremely valuable to know how to treat even with humans.

In fact, I have this area on my right leg that has literally been too tight to stretch for about fifteen years.  It has hindered my range of motion enough so that sitting cross-legged is difficult, but it hasn't gotten in the way of much else although I'm sure it affects other part of my body to compensate when I'm riding.  So, this morning I decided to see if I could locate what's going on in there myself.  Fifteen years ago I went to a very good massage therapist to work on it and she did some deep tissue work, but also was not looking for Trigger or Stress Points.  I found a Trigger Point and managed to work that out and found a Stress Point but by then I had to get up and make breakfast and tend to my scientifically inclined daughter. But what was cool was there was a big release of tension from the Trigger Point and an improvement in my range of motion!  It's not all worked out because I still have a Stress Point and I have all the tension from years of compensation going on in the muscles around it and possibly even some chiropractic issues that may need to be addressed, but it was a very cool feeling! And it gave me a little bit of a sense of what the horses must feel when I work out some of the kinks they have. 

It's pretty cool to see the differences I can make in the horse's movement but to actually feel the difference myself was really powerful for boosting my motivation to continue down this path and help a little bit with my confidence (which ebbs and flows with each day).

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