Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bumbling along ...

I've been trying to write a business plan for what I want to do with my equine massage career, now that there is some hope I may actually be certified someday (I've been going around with the Dept. of Health for some reason trying to get certification.  I finally called them on Monday and found out that my application had been sent to the wrong department and had been sitting dormant for two months and nobody had planned to do anything with it because it wasn't for their department so they just shoved it away.  Even though I sent it to the right address.  Luckily, I found someone who said she would make sure she found the correct department - although she didn't know where that was even though I told her and I told her about the info. on the Dept. of Health's website page where I downloaded the application - still it was very hard for her to find anyone who knew what I was talking about in the actual Dept. of Health.  Even though it is listed right there on their website that this department does exist - apparently know one there can actually find it.  Anyway, I'm supposed to call her back next week and see if they managed to find out where my application goes so it can be processed and maybe I'll get certified ... sigh ...)

Anyway, there is hope that one day I will get my certification and will be a professional equine massage practitioner and I have a whole business plan worked out in my head and I am in the process of putting it down on paper.  It involves rehab. boarding where people board their horses with me temporarily while they're on stall rest and needing rehab. care.  I'll work directly with their vet and farrier to make sure I follow all rehab. instructions (hand walking, bandaging, administering meds, etc) along with therapeutic massage.  It's something that is apparently really needed for those folks who have horses, love them dearly, but have to work 40 hours a week to be able to afford them and just can't be out at their barn they board at two or three times a day to soak hay, or give meds or hand walk twice a day.  There are some wonderful places that do stuff like that (I'm modeling my idea on a mini Pegasus Horse Farm.) But they are extremely expensive and I will be more affordable - that said I will also not offer the premier rehab services or training that they do either so if people need that they go to them - I'm not directly any sort of competition for them.  I'm more for the layman horse owner whose hobby-show horse has gone lame.  Not the Emerald Down race track owners or professional Grand Prix riders.  Maybe some day I could grow and add water therapy and professional trainers to staff but for now it'll be a much smaller, humbler business.

I would also like to offer Horsemanship for College Students classes because I think there is a big need for that.  It would be a class/clinic on basic horse handling and ground safety for people planning to go to vet school, equine massage school, or farrier school who have no horse handling experience.  I am not surprised that the smaller schools like farrier and massage schools don't have horse handling classes because their focus and mission is very clear-cut and those schools are much smaller operations than state universities.  But I also found out that they don't teach that in pre-vet or vet schools either.  My vet said at her school they expect you to come in with a prerequesite of knowing how to handle horses and she said that there were one or two in her class that struggled because they had no horse handling experience at all.   So, I would like to offer that class too.  I know some awesome horse folks I could hopefully get on board to help me teach a class like that and I already have a sample curriculum.

So, now the question is where will I have this facility?  That is the big question.  My husband is currently not on board with moving our family to horse property any time soon and works in such a stressful field that he doesn't want to project any time in the future when he will be on board.  So, I'm looking at the feasibility of renting/leasing space to do this.  I did want to do all this on "the magical island" but I'm not sure if I'm leasing space I could pull that off without actually living there which is not currently an option (moving being not something my husband is on board with even if it was to a rental).  So,  I'm trying to do that "open mind" thing and just keep my eyes open until I find a way to manage to follow this dream.  I've had a couple ideas that don't sound practical at all, but that just makes me think they aren't quite the right idea yet and I just haven't found the right idea.  I'm one of those people that no matter what happens clings to the belief that when I find the right direction I'm meant to go, the barriers will fall away.  Even if it is scary and uncomfortable at first.  That's how it was when I quit office work and decided to work completely with horses.  I kept my eyes open for any possibility and refused to limit my thinking and it all started the fall together. 

I was reading an article recently in Scientific American about the Einstellung Effect and I'm trying to be very cognizant of not falling into that myself and just looking at the "easy answer" (but the one that doesn't work) and not actually seeing the even easier answer (the one that does work).  Much easier said than done!

And for a good morning song - this is one of my daughter's current favorite songs that I hear frequently throughout the day now since I got her the cd.  Yeah ... I had to say something about the stripper scene in the video and my daughter's reply was not to be so serious and make such a big deal out of stuff that is a non-event. Yep.

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