Thursday, April 17, 2014

Levels of Reality Beyond Our Immediate Senses

My daughter is really into the shows Cosmos and Into the Wormhole so I've been getting a hefty dose of family-oriented science lately.  I like it because it gets my imagination going and my poor little brain needs things to keep it working or it uses all that energy to worry.  I kind of have a crush on Neal Degrasse Tyson just because I could listen to him talk forever.  It's not like how Buck Brannaman's voice is just so relaxing you could happily sit and listen to him read a grocery list, it's the ideas and the knowledge that come out of the former's mouth.   I guess I should say I have a crush on him despite that he (accidentally) destroyed Pluto's status as a planet.  Right now he's talking about Tardigrades.  They are so cute. I think I'm going to make stuffed, plushy Tardigrades.

One of our ponies at pony school was feeling very cranky so we started working with him more outside of classes.  He's pretty small and not as old as some of our small ponies so all his "work" was mostly leadline rides with our young beginners as they are building balance and body memory. But he was definitely unhappy.  Then we all started taking turns working with him, lunging him and giving him some challenges.  I don't know what others have been doing but I found that he was really good at liberty ground work so after I work him lunging at walk, trot and canter, I do some liberty work with him.  Suddenly, he became the perfect pony for me!  He watches me out of the corner of his eye the whole time we're working together and is always waiting for my instruction and then happily and willingly does what I ask.  He seems very quick at figuring out what I'm asking and is excited when he gets it right.  And I'm seeing that he was just waiting for something to keep his smart little brain occupied.  He's currently my favorite of the ponies (yes, that changes every few weeks so everyone gets their chance apparently).  I'm a lot like him I think.

Speaking of ponies who need work, Geir is getting fat.  So, I need to make time to work him at least four times a week beyond just the lessons he's used for.  The head of the school asked if I wanted her to put him more classes, but because of his amazingly sweet temperament he's best used for beginner kids who are either disabled, very afraid, or have balance issues, because he's so strong and sturdy. So, his lessons are basically standing still dozing, walking slowly and trotting around the arena maybe once.  So, I need to make sure I have time to keep working with him to get him in shape myself.  I do think he's doing better.  Trainer KL has been a huge help in teaching me how to get him into shape.

I want to get to that point someday where I can actually train my own  horses but I'm still feeling so ignorant regarding proper horse body mechanics.  I'm doing pretty well with human body mechanics for riding but I feel like horse body mechanics - using one's body properly - is still such an unreachable enigma.  There are so many contradicting modes of thought on how a horse properly uses their body and what that looks like.   I don't have the wherewithal to be a controversial person like Gerd Heuschmann who claims to know all the answers about training.  But I do want to know for sure I am teaching my students correctly.

I don't know if I'm ever going to get my endorsement from the State to be an equine massage practitioner.  Ok, obviously I will someday but I sent in my application two months ago and I haven't heard if they've ever even received it.  So, I'm just giving up for the time being on making a business doing equine massage.  I will obviously do it for a job at some point and I'm really enjoying using what I've learned on my horse and the ponies at pony school.  But right now my only job is riding instructor so I'm trying to focus more on studying that.

I also want to get back to working on my writing.  I need to finish up my novel based on Toadie because I had an idea for a new novel that takes place on an island based on Poveglia, after reading an article this morning that it is for sale.

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