Thursday, May 22, 2014

The end of an era ...

I knew this day would come eventually because this wasn't a permanent endeavor from the start, and I was already feeling burned out on working Saturdays, but somehow the pieces fell together and I gave notice at the pony school.  Mainly, I need to not work Saturdays and have more time with my family and I need to find a part-time job while I build my equine massage practice that pays more, especially because Maiden is coming back from Montana soon.  Apparently, she's been exhibiting chronic lameness the weeks while she's been there and her new owner can't afford it.  I'm bummed that I'm getting back a chronically lame horse but I have hope that since she was doing well with what I was doing with her before, she'll do well again when she's back.  But it's going to be a lot of extra expenses I hadn't budgeted for.

So, I'm very sad about no longer teaching.  I'm hoping this is not a permanent thing to not teach either, I'd like to go back to it someday when it's more practical for my life.  I know it's the right time though because I was extremely worried about what my boss would do to cover my shifts over summer and within an hour she was able to move things around and completely cover all of them.  So, that to me is a sign that it is the right time.  Also, there are a bumch of spas hiring part-time LMP's  right now and if I picked up one shift a week that would cover all my horses expenses plus some.

And I will be working one hour a week still at the pony school.  I have my one special needs student who I am good friends with her family and I know she doesn't acclimate to change well so although I think Miss C. or Miss T. would be perfectly fine with her, I'm not sure she'd be perfectly fine having a new teacher.  So my boss asked if I would mind coming in to teach one lesson a week and I jumped on it like some freaky chocolate addict who someone said, "You have to never eat chocolate again but oh hey - do you want this last Hershey bar?"  So, I guess that is a sign that my days of teaching are not completely over with.

So, this is good. Change is a good thing and it's been a good year of just teaching and going to school but now it's time to start earning money again and following new opportunities to new adventures.  But my heart is feeling pretty heavy too. 

On a less intense note Mr. Geir and I had a great lesson this morning with Trainer KL.  Probably the worst part of the lesson was that it looks like it's snowing from all the cottonwood seeds blowing around, and when I'm thinking really hard I usually breathe through my mouth and that didn't go so well with all the cottonwood seeds flying around.  I had to cough and spit a few times and add  "keep your mouth shut" to all the stuff I was thinking of doing.

My daughter and I are a making a mix cd for her BFF because she (her BFF) is getting a MP3 player for her birthday this weekend.  So, we've been picking out songs that she thinks her friend will like.  It's cute to have a little 10 year old girl describing her friend's musical taste, "She likes accoustic melodic stuff ... kind of country but not too country ... with lots of pretty singing.  No Rockin' stuff like I like.  And no rap like I like, she doesn't like that either.  No Pitbull either, and just one of the Macklemore songs, just the Thrift Shop one, the version without the swear words, but no other ones." She takes it so seriously, it feels like I'm talking to myself as a teenager.  I also realized that this song could easily have been my teenage anthem.  Thirty-five years late but still, it speaks to the 12 year old that hovers around in my mind.

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