Thursday, May 29, 2014

Your ritual sacrifice appears to have worked ...

The weather has been weird the last couple weeks - sunny when it says it's supposed to rain and not raining enough when it does (and they said it was supposed to be sunny).  So when it finally poured down rain the other day I thought of the pilot episode of the original Dr. Who series when the Dr. and his cohorts somehow end up in an ancient Aztec village where they are about to sacrifice some guy to bribe the rain gods.  I was thinking how I could kind of understand where they were coming from because I was frustrated for my garden's sake at the lack of substantial rain and they did not have the luxury of hoses the just had to pull around the house.

Before I forget I have to write down my "a-ha!" moment at my lesson today with Geir.  Our on-going issue with him is his balance in the turns and especially going to the left he really leans to the left and then counterbends his body to the right so does what Gerd Heuschmann described at his clinic last week "a false bend".  We've been working on that and when he's feeling stiff he will start to lean so far to the left I feel almost like I'm on a motorcycle taking a tight turn and I've been putting my weight more in my right leg to both keep me upright and in hopes of convincing him to straighten up a little, and then because he's drifting into the middle of the arena, I'll try to leg yield him over.  I've got my body turned the way I'm supposed to, and reins doing what I'm supposed to (inside rein up slightly but not pulling).  But when I told this to Trainer KL that I'm having to lean a bit to the right to keep myself balanced she suggested I not do that for the sake of Geir's balance issues and instead of bringing my leg back for a leg yield, give him a leg aid at the girth and ask him to engage that inside shoulder.  So, it wasn't a "Wa-la! He is now doing perfect corners!"  but I saw a big improvement in him immediately trying to engage that inside shoulder a little more and not leaning so much to the left which made me not want to lean to the right to compensate.

I also realized I was trying to force his body upright by leaning to the right a little also.  Something I know intellectually not to do - we ask for movement from the horse, we do not push or shove.  So, that was very cool and reminded me how much I have to learn about which part of the body to encourage movement from and how to encourage that movement in the way that I can ask the horse to do the movement himself instead of trying to push his body into doing it.  I'm not sure if that makes sense to anyone who doesn't ride but it was just another piece in the puzzle of how to perfect this "dancing with the horse" type of riding I'm trying to achieve where I'm leading the dance, not throwing his body around the room.   I love "a-ha moments"   :)

In other news I've been very cranky with social media sites the last few days.  Especially so with all the postings of how the phrase "not all men" is just another way to oppress women.  Good lord, people.  Do you honestly believe that if the killer was a psychopath woman who wrote a giant manifesto on killing rapist pigs and the sluts that enable them, that women would not be saying "Not all women" are like this?  I thought this blog post expressed what's been bothering me all week.

The chickadees in the birdhouse outside our kitchen window have had quite a dramatic time of it.  One of the babies died last week and the dad was trying to push/pull it's little dead body through the hole in the birdhouse.  I told my husband the dad chickadee needed help so he went out and pulled the baby out for him.  There were still some babies left though so the parents were busy bring food and taking away little fecal sacks (I didn't know they did that - it was pretty cool watching them clean house like that).  Yesterday one of the dogs found another baby (but this one more full grown) in the backyard and the bird house appears to be empty. I know there were more than one baby in the bird house so I'm hoping that it just means the babies left and only one did not make it.  It's been far more emotional for me watching this little chickadee family than I'd expected it would be.

And in completely unrelated news, I have a crush on Judge Abernathy from the Good Wife.  Not the actor - the actual character.

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