Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fossa ... my new favorite animal

Things have been a little crazy in my life the last month or so.  Our family found a house we loved on the magical island and despite what my husband said on the ferry out there - that you don't put an offer down on a house the first time you see it in person - we put an offer on the house.  It was accepted, the inspection went well and now we've just been waiting for our house to sell before we close.  Our house went up for sale six days ago and we've had two offers.  I guess tonight we decide who we're going with.  Needless to say it's been crazy.

Getting our house ready to sell was a lot of work but wasn't too bad in the grand scheme of things.  Just a few painting touch-ups and throwing a lot of stuff into storage.  We sent Missy the Australian Shepherd to my parent's place and I just took the pitbull everywhere with me whenever I left for showing.  The first two days we were basically kicked out of our house for the full day because of open houses and so many agents bringing people through.  It's been worth it, it's just been very stressful.  This morning I'm just all over the place stressed worrying about the logistics of the selling and buying contracts and everything, so I've been trying to do stuff to relax, like watching a nature show about lemurs.  That's where I learned about Fossa's - a member of the mongoose family.  But they look like some sort of strange hybrid of mongoose and wild cat.  They're pretty cool.  And they're also endangered.  I think I may take up a new cause of "Save the Fossa"!

In other news, Geir is doing very well and continues to get stronger and in better shape as time goes on.  Yesterday in our lesson we actually tried doing a leg yield at a trot and he was able to do it for a few steps and I was very proud of him!   Our new place on the island will have room for him and Girlfriend and if I'm lucky another horse for me to ride so I can go on trail rides while my daughter rides Geir.  But we'll have to see about that after we're all settled.  I do have my eye on one horse who is for sale but I'm not sure if he'll still be available by the time we're all settled in.  And I'm not sure if he's too expensive.

My application to take the instructor training progam with Peggy Cummings was approved, now I just need to send her my two letters of recommendation from Trainer K and Trainer KL and send her a video clip of me riding and teaching.  I really have no idea what I'm getting into and if I can even afford this program but it's something I really want to try and do.  Trainer K said she looked her up and thinks she sounds wonderful and is very supportive of me trying to follow this course.  Peggy was apparently a student of Sally Swift and that is someone I've heard quite a few trainers speak very highly of.   I read a book by Sally Swift several years ago but Peggy seems to have her own thing going on too.  It makes sense when I hear what she says that she was a student of Sally Swift, but she also has her own way of seeing things too, she is not just an extension of Sally Swift.   And I'm hoping that's what I will be too - not just "teaching Peggy's method" like I'm a parrot of all that Peggy Cummings is, but that I can use this educational opportunity to learn how to be a good teacher myself too.

Every now and then I start to find myself thinking, "I wish I'd started on this career course when I was younger - like in my 20's - so I'd have a lot more time to pursue it," but at 47 years old I do have several years realistically to pursue this career course.  A couple days ago my daughter and I were at my parent's place on Mercer Island (to hide from an open house at our house) and we decided to go swimming in Lake WA.  We were slowly lowering ourselves into the water from the dock, whining and complaining about how cold it was, and this 90 year old man walked by us in his flippers and just jumped straight into the water and swam off.   Later when he came back he was talking to my daughter and asked her how old she was, so I asked him how old he was and he proudly said, "Ninety years old.  My uncle taught me to swim in this lake in 1931!"  So cool!  When I said I was 47 years old it sounded really young and I realized how I could have several decades of life left to live so what the heck - I'll just keep doing what I'm doing!  Dave and his wife (who is in her 70's) said they hoped we would come swim with them again because as Dave put it,  my daughter "puts a smile on his face".  His wife has grandkids my daughter's age and he has great grandkids.  Wow.