Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Farm ... new title

The last few weeks have been very hectic, selling our house in the suburb on the Eastside of Lake WA and buying a small farm on a somewhat remote island in the Puget Sound. It's not as remote as Vendovi Islandwhich is an island that I would've loved to have bought had it not been several millions dollars, and had I  been able to afford the boat one would need to go anywhere off island (like say to buy groceries).  Luckily, our new island has grocery stores and feed stores and restaurants and coffee shops and best of all a ferry.  That last part is very helpful. 

The farm is amazing!  As one of my friends who lives on the island said when she came over on Sunday, "You totally scored!"  We have four crossed-fenced pastures and one paddock that I'm going to fill with pea gravel to make it a mud abatement area.  We have woods and more woods and more woods.  One of the pastures is set up for goats and another is very flat without a lot of trees which will work well to build an outdoor arena.  And it is remote! If you squint really hard from an upstairs bedroom you kind of see a small portion of the road through the trees (the non-county maintained dirt road).  You can't see any neighbors from our house which is really nice.  Because apparently, we are cranky and unless you are our friend we don't like being your neighbor. 

I would say we don't like neighbors but I did like having our last next door neighbors so close and then our friends literally just a few hundred feet around the corner from us.  But I don't miss the neighbor two doors down who would start her day with a drink and a toke of pot and then spend a good portion of the day sitting in her boy's bedroom peaking out through the blinds to watch what the neighbors were doing so she could bitch about it.  Or the neighbors who never kept up their yards and left trash in them and it would then flow into our yard or just looked really nasty and tacky.  And this is from someone who will never live up to her mother's standards of a clean house - so that tells you how nasty their yards really looked.

I've got Girlfriend living at home now which is great.  I can make sure she gets her medicine every day without having to go somewhere else.  And more than that I can control whether or not she has company.  She was alone for the last month of so at the last place I was boarding her because the other two ponies left and I did not like that at all (neither did she).  The pony school was hoping that Geir could stay for the rest of the month to be used in camps and I said that was fine except it would mean Girl would be alone at our house for three weeks which wasn't ok.  I knew that the camp wasn't using a little pony named Bugsy anymore and mentioned maybe I could buy him (I adore him - he's like a little 10 hh version of Girlfriend) but the camp director asked if my daughter would like to have Frosty, a little POA who my daughter absolutely loves.  I was seriously shocked because he is a very sweet, very bombproof and adorable pony!  But apparently, he's been having some stiffness and pain and can't work the long days that camp requires.  They don't know if it's arthritis (probably) or what, but he's fine for an hour or so of work but after that it's too much.  So, he's come home with us for retirement and we are thrilled!  As we speak they are grazing in the pasture in the front yard looking very happy with their new home.  And I love going to sleep at night hearing them rustling around and snorting under my window!

I have big plans for the farm, but right now the biggest task at hand is unpacking and figuring out where everything goes.  We came from a larger surburban house with a three car garage to a house that is 210 square feet smaller and has no garage at all.  So, we're trying to figure out where everything is going to go and what to store and what to throw away.  It looks pretty chaotic right now. But it is still SO COOL! I've wanted to live on a farm my whole life and now I do!  It took till I was 47 years old but I can finally stop saying "Someday I'm going to live on a farm".  Yay!

So, no more "urban homesteading" for me.  I finally have room for goats and chickens and a huge garden and a huge greenhouse and ... there is a lot I'm going to have to learn.